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  1. Shenzhou 13, referred to as "Shen XIII", is the thirteenth spacecraft launched by China's manned space project. It is the sixth flight of the key technical verification phase of the China Space Station. It is also the last flight task at this stage. Shenzhou -13 Aerospace's multiplication group stayed in the orbit for six months. The following is the look at the look at Shenzhou 13, which I organized, and welcome everyone to share.
    The visual chapter of Shenzhou 13, April 16, 2022, is an exciting day, a great day. Because Chinese astronauts have returned home from space smoothly!
    looking! A white spot fell quickly from the sky, and after a while, the parachute was turned on, and the red -white striped parachute was like a big red flower in full bloom. I saw that a cabin fell into the sand, and a lot of sand and dust were raised. The helicopter flew over and was ready to welcome the three astronauts. Even some small animals came to witness this moment. The cabin door opened, and the staff quickly brought a small bed, carefully pulled the astronauts out of the cabin, and let them lie down.
    listening! With a "bang", with a loud noise, the spacecraft stayed in the desert, waiting for the staff to come quietly. Then the whistling of the helicopter, the sound of the car, the footsteps of the staff, and the interview at the scene followed. The sound of astronauts came back to the back cabin: "Shenzhou 13 returns to the earth smoothly, it feels good!" A thunderous applause sounded at the scene.
    Watching this exciting scene, the mother said excitedly: "This time Shenzhou 13 astronauts lived in the space station for 183 days. The "Sky Classroom" lectures, there are many tasks that are very important, these are inseparable from their hard work and training. "
    I think as long as the goals are clear, there will be new discoveries and clues, so that the country's science and technology can be made. More powerful, let Chinese voices sound thorough.
    The post -view of Shenzhou 13th at 0:23 on October 16th, Beijing time, the Long March 2 of the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft, No. 2 Far Thirteen Load Rockets, ignition at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center In launch, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft and the Rockets successfully separated, entering the scheduled track, and successfully sent Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu to three astronauts into space. The three astronauts ran towards the sky with the expectations and blessings of all Chinese people to go to the Chinese Space House in the vast universe.
    Although the launch time was in the early morning, as soon as the news of "successful success" came out, the Internet was jubilant, and countless netizens were waiting for this moment to surging for the success of the launch.
    If according to the "convention" that China Aerospace never stops, Shenzhou 13 will also realize multiple "first": radiographs with the core cabin to meet; During the period, the astronauts took the normalized residence cycle; for the first time, the rescue ship was transferred to the formal task ship.
    In addition, compared to Shenzhou 12, Shenzhou 13 also has many special features. For example, after stopping the China Space Station, the space station will achieve the core compartment, 2 freight ships, and 1 manned spacecraft in 4 4 people in total 4. The aircraft combination runs; the spacecraft and rockets that implement tasks are also transformed directly from the emergency backup state to the launch state in the launch site.
    , and after the flight task of Shenzhou 13, all the functions of the space station mission standard manned spacecraft will be completed on orbit verification. It will fully support the future construction and operation needs of my country's space station. It is of great significance to officially transfer to the rail construction stage.
    As the netizens said, "You can always believe in Chinese aerospace", Chinese aerospace is always surpassing, and technological breakthroughs are achieved little by little, and the exterior space refreshes the scale at the faster and faster frequency. After several generations of hard work and dedication, we can proudly say today that China is an important "player" in the world's universe exploration, and there will be more and more human footprints from China.
    It's shocks brought to us at the technical level. Today, the overall temperament of Chinese aerospace is becoming more and more calm, confident, warm, and romantic, and it has a unique Chinese charm.
    For example, the flight ride of Shenzhou 13 includes Wang Yaping, the first female astronaut in China, and she also sent a circle of friends for "half a year of business" before departure. A self -confidence. At the scene of the expedition, Wang Yaping's daughter also came off for her mother and shouted "Mom cheer." This scene has made countless people move, "Mom set off for you to pick you up" has quickly become a hot topic of the Internet.
    It Shenzhou -thirteen mission is half a year. In the past, it will cross the Chinese New Year of the Chinese Lunar New Year. For the first time, astronauts have also attracted much attention to the Spring Festival in space. Earlier, when Tianzhou III freight ships were delivered to the space station to "space express", they had prepared the Spring Festival supplies for astronauts. The astronauts will also stay with all Chinese people at that time, and send the Chinese New Year blessings from the Chinese people as soon as possible. These meticulous arrangements make the hardcore "scientific and technological narrative" such as aerospace reveal a strong humanistic feeling.
    Today, Shenzhou 13 has officially opened the space journey. We wish the astronauts to complete the task successfully. It also believes that China Aerospace will bring us a steady stream of surprises and bring our big country aerospace dreams towards us. Farther.
    This look at Shenzhou 13 This morning, the teacher asked us to see the launch of the Shenzhou 13 spacecraft. Each of our classmates couldn't wait to wait for this exciting moment.
    The moment of excitement finally came. When Shenzhou 13 was launched, we were all worried that it could not send three astronauts to fly to space with Tiangong No. 1. In my heart, wondering whether it would cause the fire?
    As Shenzhou 13 flew into the blue sky, the doubt in my heart faded little by little, and the big stone in my heart finally landed. Then the two small rockets on the rocket fell, followed by the shell and a pusher of the pushing device, and finally everything that unnecessary fell, the solar board also extended, Shenzhou 13 finally finally finally finally. Entering the scheduled track, Shenzhou 13 was successfully launched! All students cheered because this is a new step in China's exploration of the universe, and it is another starting point for China to explore the mystery of the universe.
    In at this moment, I have another new ideal -as an excellent astronaut!
    In Shenzhou 13th view of the No. 13. With the arrival of mid -April, everyone is the most. The caring of Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft is about to set off to return to the earth. At present, the astronauts of Shen XIII Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu have stayed on the China Space Station for nearly half a year. They are about to complete the task and are ready to return to the earth.
    Prior to returning, the three astronauts had to pack the items in the space station, some items were sorted and returned, and some items were brought to Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft. However, the items brought to the spacecraft are not brought back to the earth. Some of the useless items will be burned with the atmosphere as the track cabin, and the astronauts will return to the earth by returning to the cabin.
    Irds after the return of Shenzhou 13, the space station will have a period of time in a state of no one. Previous studies have shown that the environment inside the space is suitable for microorganisms to reproduce in large quantities. Therefore, before leaving, the astronauts of God Thirteen should clean and clean the interior of the space station. In addition, astronauts will set the space station to unmanned flight mode.
    The while the astronauts of Shenzhou 13 are ready to return, the search and rescue power on the ground is also preparing. At present, the mobilization oath conference has been held at the Dongfeng landing site. All search and rescue personnel have carried out the third full system comprehensive exercise on the spot to ensure that the Shenzhou 13 can be found at the first time.
    of course, we hope that the backup spacecraft will never use it. The astronauts on the space station can be peaceful, and eventually they can return safely. After returning to the earth on the 13th of Shenzhou 13, Shenzhou 14 will complete the emergency residence mission, and then it will be used as a manned spacecraft to send a new batch of astronauts to the China Space Station. Finally, I wish the Shenzhou 13 task to complete it smoothly, and all three astronauts can be safe and triumph.
    The visual post -view of Shenzhou 13 from Shenzhou 5 to Shenzhou 13. From one person to three and a half months, the Chinese people rushing to the sea of ​​stars have never stopped.
    . More than half a century ago, a song "Oriental Red" rang the world. Nowadays, the bright Chinese red sparkling space. From "two bombs and one star" to "manned space", "Aerospace Dream" has long been remitted into the great "Chinese dream" and has become a stroke of the development of human civilization.
    "Chang'e" running the moon, "Beidou" refers to the way, "Tianwen" asked the sky, "Tiangong" to see the victory, "Jade Rabbit" explore the moon, "Zhu Rong" to explore the fire, "羲 和" to explore the sun ... The tasks of the deep cultural heritage and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation show the exploration achievements of the Chinese aerospace brave climbing science and technology.
    Jiuxiao dreams again and again, the new journey of the strong country. The Chinese nation's exploration of the universe is endless. But nine days to take the moon, you can catch the five oceans and talk to Kaige. Behind each step of innovation and breakthroughs on the aerospace journey, it is inseparable from the hard work, unremitting hard work, and independent innovation of generations of aerospace people, becoming a common memory of a country and nation.
    is another piece of golden autumn in October, and once again the dream of the country. This space journey can not only refresh the record of the Chinese people in space in space, further carry out more space scientific experiments and technical experiments, and produce high -level scientific results. We can also experience the Spring Festival with them ... … Scientific exploration will play again with aerospace dreams in space.
    "Flying Dream is never lost, and the scientific dream of dreams is unlimited." As the female astronaut Wang Yaping said before the expedition, as long as you dare to have dreams, courage to chase dreams, and build your dream spacecraft with wisdom and sweat, you can definitely be able to be able to use wisdom and sweat. Welcome to your dream of launch, fly towards your vast starry sky!
    The visual post -view of Shenzhou 13th I feel the persistence and efforts of all the spacemen who struggle for Chinese manned aerospace industry. The completion of this space project represents the progress of our Chinese manned space industry, showing our scientific and technological strength in this area.
    Man Nie Haisheng said that "even if sacrifice to insert the national flag" is really moving. It can be said that every astronaut has paid our lives for our space career. In order to complete the task, they were prepared to sacrifice, and they went forward without fear. During this period, each astronaut needs a lot of training to adapt to the simulation environment, weightlessness, operation processing during emergency situations, etc. Each training is also to better complete the task. The sweat they paid is us. Unimaginable, all of them are worthy of our respect! Of course, not only our astronauts, but also tens of thousands of aerospace people who work silently behind the manned space industry.
    The manned space career requires the support of big data, advanced science and technology, tacit cooperation between various departments, coordinated and unified scheduling, etc. Without the hard work of all astronauts. Completed. Our success today is inseparable from everyone who has worked hard for the manned space industry! Write here, only "pay tribute"!
    It Shenzhou 13th view 7 Today, God of God The 13th return capsule was successfully landing. I was lucky to welcome the hero home in front of the screen to witness the leap in China's aerospace industry!
    I. After watching the astronaut Wang Yaping's interview, I felt quite deep. She was not only the mother who picked the star for her daughter, but also the first female astronaut in my country to enter the space station. In her interview, I talked about these 180 days of life in a relaxed tone, but we all know that she paid too much behind this success. Facing the challenge, she "is a word, practice"! Daily overload, heavy load, and high -intensity training. In order to overcome the innate advantages of male astronauts compared to female astronauts' arm strength and wingspan, she spent more effort to control the pressure on the back cabin outside the cabin. Essence Not only "how long for men's astronauts, how long she persists", but also takes 1 hour every time she stipulates that it is prescribed. Today, this perfect space walk has made me really feel the meaning of hard work and persistence.
    I like Aunt Wang Yaping's sentence very much: "Life is like a long -distance running. I have difficulty and dangerous scenery on the long -distance running road, but the scenery here is also unique. I will continue to fly because only I insist that the scenery of which stop is the most beautiful. "On the way we grow up, no matter what difficulties we encounter, we should smile and face, and the sun will always be successful.
    The post -view of Shenzhou 13 8:23 on October 16, 2021, the Long March No. 2 of Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft is equipped with F Yao 13 loaded rocket, at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, according to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center The scheduled time was accurately ignited. On April 16, 2022, Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft returned to the cabin with a large red and white umbrella floating in the sky. Under the attention of the world, it landed steadily at the Dongfeng landing field. Three astronauts of Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu, who were traveling for half a year, returned to the long -awaited land of the motherland.
    Serospace technology has achieved significant achievements in the development of high positions and high -speed resources for the development of spacecraft to obtain, transmission and reposting information, and has achieved great benefits, such as the widespread application of communication satellites and remote sensing satellites. The three astronauts return safely, which not only means that the task of Shenzhou 13 is successfully concluded, but also another layer of significance: the key technology verification phase of the China Space Station is successfully ended.
    On the other hand, with the rapid development of military spacecraft, various military satellites, manned spacecraft, ballistic missiles and rebound missiles have formed an integrated space battlefield military system, and will be in Play an important role in the joint battle. As we all know, without solid defense, our happy life is difficult to protect.
    It will not have our tomorrow without investing today. The progress of the aerospace industry will drive the development of related industries. The application of aerospace technology will have a significant impact on humans. Only with the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology can our lives become more and more beautiful.
    The appearance of Shenzhou 13th Friday night, my family and I watched the launch video of Shenzhou 13, which was very exciting. As a Chinese, I am really proud of the motherland and pay tribute to the aerospace people. Every astronaut is a dazzling "aerospace star". They are pregnant with aerospace dreams, climb the peak, and achieve the great achievements of Chinese aerospace items with solid work and innovation, leaving more Chinese figures in the vast space , Chinese footprint.
    The past has become history, and the future is still available. On the journey of exploring space, we look forward to leaving more Chinese footprints.
    In the return of Shenzhou 13 Aerospace Heroes!
    Last night, the chills struck, the north wind shouted, and the autumn was stronger. But last night, among the vast universe stars, there was another touch of China's glory -Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft was successfully launched. The three Chinese astronauts will "travel" for six months in the universe space station designed and built in China to complete a series of scientific research and experiments. This is the pride of China, the belief of China, and the brilliant glory of China.
    Is when humans explore the universe, the sun, the moon and the stars, the Chinese astronauts of the generations continue to remove the unknown clouds and fog. They work hard and are not afraid of difficulties. Pursuing the aerospace dream and the Chinese dream bravely, and praised them.
    In exploring the sky and shine in China. I wish the astronauts smoothly and return home safely. I wish us the prosperity and prosperity of our great motherland!
    In April 16, 20, 202, April 16, 20, 20th, is an exciting day. The three astronauts in the "M throughbado of the Waekeeper Pyramid Land successfully landed!
    looking! A yellowed and brilliant iron ball appeared in the sky, and it rushed across the atmosphere, like a gorgeous long dragon, which was trembling. After a few minutes, the iron ball "banged" and opened the parachute, the iron ball gradually slowed down, and finally a "bang" sounded safely. The earth seemed to shock. As the iron ball door opened, the medical staff checked the astronauts and lifted them out. The astronauts smiled and reported their physical condition: "It feels good!" The deafening applause sounded! They are wearing thick clothes, because their skin is particularly good in space for a long time.
    Wang Yaping, known as the "mother of picking stars", came to her daughter and gave her a "star", and said, "Look, the mother took the stars." They all smiled happily. What a happy!
    I saw this exciting moment, my mother held my hands and said vigorously: "They lived in space for 183 days, they are admirable, we have to feel for the motherland to feel the motherland. Pride! "I nodded, my heart was full of admiration!
    looking at the embrace of their motherland's mother, I was excited, and my heart was proud and proud. In the future, we must study hard. We must make the technology of the motherland more developed and make the motherland stronger!
    The appearance of Shenzhou 13 is a major day today. Our Shenzhou manned spacecraft has returned smoothly with three astronauts! Huo Gang, Wang Ping, and Ye Guangfu, they have lived on the space station for six months. This is the first time that Chinese astronauts have lived in space for so long. At first, everyone was worried that they had lived for so long and would affect their bodies, but when they came back, they had a good physical condition.
    The first thing came out was Huo Gang. Because I lived in space for too long, I couldn't walk when I arrived at the earth. But he was full of energy, and he beckoned like the TV, and then said some thanks to the people. The second thing was Wang Yaping. Wang Yaping also thanked the country first. Later, she also expressed her feelings of thinking, because her daughter would look at the sky every night and find her mother. The last one came out was Ye Guangfu. He first said that his dream had been realized, and of course he expressed his gratitude to the country.
    I was full of awe of the three astronauts. Decades ago, Chinese spacecraft could not carry people. In recent years, China's spacecraft can not only carry one person, but also carry many people; from astronauts to live in space for one day, develop into life for several months. I am proud and proud of the country's strength!
    Starts of Shenzhou 13, the "seamless connection" of Shenzhou 12 and Shenzhou 13, first, first as the protection of the humanity of astronauts and the protection of the Shenzhou spacecraft.
    This is not only a replacement of the spacecraft, but also allows a group of astronauts to perform the mission at this stage to rest and replace a new batch of astronauts to perform new tasks. mission accomplished. And can find and solve existing problems more efficiently.
    Secondly, this is also the performance of further development in the aerospace field. my country's aerospace industry is developing vigorously. We need to take time to build our space station to break our foreign technical restrictions. my country relies on the aerospace industry We have been improved in international status, and we cannot stop. In the end, this is also telling the world that the journey of Chinese aerospace will not stop here.
    The appearance of Shenzhou 13 is 13 years old, "Mother who picks stars" is back! Thank you for your "cosmic romance" and "stunning"!
    for more than 180 days, from the space out of the space, to the first time in the rail through the remote operation, the cargo spacecraft is connected with the space station, from the Chinese female astronauts for the first time to stroll, to the three astronauts to create a single flight mission of Chinese astronauts The longest record of staying, astronauts have completed a series of scientific research and refreshing one after another in China.
    Filers' great achievements, let us feel how great the motherland is!
    Starts of Shenzhou 13, April 16, 2022, a day when the Chinese people are excited! ——Aren the astronauts go home!
    The large parachute took the back cabin and landed on the designated landing field. Suddenly, a burst of smoke was fanned, and the return capsule was looming in the smoke. Its body is yellow and landed steadily. The parachute fell. The astronauts successfully landed! They returned to the arms of the motherland with the traces of the universe.
    did you hear it? The "bombardment" just now made me lively. At that moment, how exciting.
    Next, several staff members set up a table and jointly pulled an astronauts out of the cabin -he was Zhai Zhigang! Feng'er "Huhu" blows, he sideways, grinned, and laughed excitedly, beckoning with everyone. The staff wrapped him up with a quilt. Zhai Zhigang looked around, his face was full of excitement: "It feels good, it feels good!" He blushed, nodded, and was quickly sent to the medical insurance car. Wang Yaping also came out. Several people helped her sit down and turned her head, her eyes narrowed into a curved line, smiling slightly, showing white teeth, and gently said, "I feel good! I want to Say, daughter, the mother who picks stars for you is back! "" I am proud of the motherland! "The third place: Ye Guangfu. His eyes were small, his face was round, and his shoulders were wide. I only listened to him firmly: "I! I feel good! I am proud of doing things for the motherland!"
    The mother said, "The most brave and good is the hero in the cartoon, but every one dares to dare to Heroes of action and glory for the country. "
    I firmly believe that hard work will succeed. Our Chinese science is becoming more and more developed, and the country is becoming stronger. Now, we have to work hard to learn, do our best, step by step, and we can contribute our own strength to the motherland when we grow up, and start with the sea of ​​stars!
    The appearance of Shenzhou 13, April 16, 2022, is a day that makes Chinese children proud! Because, the space heroes Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu, who have lived in space for 183 days in space!
    listening! With a sound of "嘭", the return capsule successfully landed. Then, there was a friction between sand and stone and the return capsule in the ears. In an instant, a warm applause sounded. Look! The return capsule is like a huge coconut, and quickly falls from the air. In a moment, the brilliant "coconut" opens a huge red and white parachute. The drum, with the return cabin slowly landing in the east wind. Suddenly, the dust on the landing field flies. The medical staff rushed to quickly, and after confirming the health of the astronauts, they helped them out one by one. Coconut -like returns, wide landing fields, and three astronauts constitute an exciting picture.
    The mother's head, while touching my head, introduced me: "The three astronauts returned to the ground for a total of 9 hours. Among them, the temperature was as high as thousands of degrees when the atmosphere, so it seemed to be burned outside the back cabin. It ’s just." I looked at it, and I couldn't help but question: "Why do they want to help them out of the cabin?" Different, they will not be able to adapt after returning from space to the ground. "Mom replied.
    In seeing at the end, I can't help but be proud of the motherland. We must study hard, and we must make due contributions to the motherland. Let us work together. Tribute to the astronauts, raise my Chinese soul!
    The post -view of Shenzhou 13 from the launch of "God 1" to the universe of "God 1", "God Six", "Shen Qi" ... Tired.
    On the road to dreaming, every time it is a new journey, every time is an unprecedented challenge. The generation of aerospace people struggle on the basis of poor and two whites. They move forward in repeated experiments. The heavens and the earth are latitude and weft, and your feet are to the vast sky.
    Thekan's space industry from difficulties to hardships to travelers to achieve brilliant achievements. In the vast space, Chinese figures and Chinese footprints have been left. Chinese power. This spirit and strength will definitely lead 1.4 billion Chinese children to work together, stirring majestic power, forging ahead of new journey, and dreaming in a new era.
    In post -view of Shenzhou 13 In the process of watching the launch live broadcast, students learned many aerospace scientific and technological knowledge and learned that they must have strong political quality and Strong physical fitness, rich knowledge, etc. have greatly opened up their horizons and increased their knowledge. Students have said that they are honored to witness this great historical moment and feel very proud and proud of the powerful motherland. I wish the three astronauts work smoothly in space and successfully complete the task, and returned to the earth. At the same time, the students have further aware of their responsibilities. They must work hard to learn scientific skills, develop in an all -round way, and continue to enrich themselves. In the future, they will be admitted to the ideal university to further further studies and become the builders and successors of the socialist cause. Great rejuvenation contributes its own power.

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