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  1. In Qingdao, as a new UI designer, the salary level is between 5 or 6K; when you have a certain work experience, you will gradually increase to about 7 or 8; when you have more than 5 years of work experience, salary salary, salary, salary It will reach 10K-15K. Of course, if you are transformed into a product manager smoothly, the salary will go to the next level.
    is not easy to be a designer who wants to be a passing. It needs enough patience and interest to support it. It is best to do a small test before learning → click Test that it is suitable for learning r r r r Although N Qingdao's UI designers are not as high as UI designers in first -tier cities, they are still very impressive than other industries in Qingdao. In addition, the demand for UI designers in the Internet industry is increasing, so employment will be relatively smooth.
    The factors affecting the salary level, in addition to the region, there is also personal work skills. If you have a strong UI design professional skills, you can enter a higher company platform to obtain higher salary; if you have this more comprehensive UI design skills, you can have multiple jobs and get more channels for more channels. Income, or becoming a composite talent, has a chip that allows the company to open a high salary. If you want to get a high salary, you may wish to choose a reliable training institution to learn more comprehensive and more comprehensive work skills in the industry.
    The day steps of the three steps of "interviews, project testing, re -examination, trial lectures, teaching and research training" are strictly selected and designed to ensure that each lecturer has rich project experience. Most of them enter Tianhu's front -line design elite, well -known design director, and professor of art colleges from 4A Advertising Company. With their strong project experience, they teach students to make students quickly master the essence of the project.

  2. You can go to [网 网 网] website to find the [free] video tutorial of the "Game UI" section- [Click to enter] complete entry to the proficient video tutorial list:/course //? ZDHHR-11Y17R-

    In the training institution in the field of "game interface design, game icon design", [Wang's Education] is the boss of the country, and there is no franchise branch, all of which are direct -operated chain campuses in the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, each campus of Wang's Education is a physical face, and the teacher is taught by hand, and there are special class teachers from morning to night. , Especially suitable for students with poor foundation.

    Me you can download the [学 学 学] app to your mobile phone, which is convenient for fragmented time to learn — painting science app download: /scripts /download

  3. Analysis of the employment situation of Qingdao game UI designer: Recruitment treatment, salary 4500-5999 accounted for the most, reaching 36%. Experience requirements, 3-5 years of work experience requirements are the most, reaching 57%; academic qualifications, the most proportion of college degree requirements, reaching 63%.

  4. The income of UI designers is now at a high level. Generally, the monthly salary of the primary design level is 8,000 ~ 9,000 yuan, and the income of intermediate level designers can rise to 10,000 ~ 12,000 yuan. Experienced UI designers' monthly salary can reach 13,000 ~ 15,000 yuan, and if they can be promoted to designer, this data may reach more than 20,000 yuan.

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