Big cities "accompanying division": 60 % of young customers, is there necessary for the industry?

4 thoughts on “Big cities "accompanying division": 60 % of young customers, is there necessary for the industry?”

  1. The "companion" of the big city refers to the patient in the hospital, mainly because these patients have no time, or they do not know how to see the doctor, so they have the emergence of this job. Many people mistakenly think that all customers are frail and sick, and there are no culture. Who knows that young customers have more than 60 %. Many people also think that the income of this industry is very high, and the income of hundreds of dollars a day is easily over 10,000 a month. However, some people who came here said that although the industry has a high salary, most people's income is not so high. It may be difficult for a month to exceed 10,000. It is necessary to accumulate experience and accumulate customers. After these two data explanations, is there any need for many people to worry about this industry?
    Actually I think there is a necessary existence in this industry. Regardless of whether the customer is young or the elderly, as long as they become customers, they show that they have certain needs. For example, they are busy, so they do n’t have time to go to the hospital to receive medicines, especially Chinese medicine, usually they need to go to the hospital the next day, and many people do n’t have time, so they need to ask someone to help. Another example is that many people do not know what disease they have, what subjects should be hung, and what the process of consultation is, and do not know how to fill in the information of the diagnosis card, and do not know how to pay, and so on. These people are very panicked, and they are embarrassed to ask the staff, so they start to work blindly, delay a lot of time, and even hang the wrong number. Therefore, these people particularly need someone to help them, be able to provide one -to -one services, patiently teach them to fill in the form, find the doctors who are relatively shades of the department, and then help patients express their condition, then help them pay, take them to do the corresponding corresponding Do inspections and do some psychological counseling.
    This is an emerging industry. Many practitioners have no rich experience and have not enough time to accumulate customers. Therefore, the income at the beginning is very small. However, with the improvement of their knowledge level and the accumulation of experience, it can serve customers faster and better, win the trust of customers, and slowly increase their income. Therefore, don't be discouraged, improve your professional level as much as possible. There are many patients, and technology is developing rapidly. More and more people need this service, and income will definitely get higher and higher.

  2. I think this industry is still necessary to exist, because many young people are usually busy now, and there is no time to accompany the elderly. It is more convenient to have this industry.

  3. They can only solve their own difficulties in another way, and they can just meet their needs during the visit. In addition, many forms are mainly based on the Internet. They are often young people who are familiar with these network channels. Most young people have become accustomed to paying for a better experience.

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