4 thoughts on “Newcomers in the workplace, want to quickly integrate into the collective, should do more?”

  1. Newcomers in the workplace, want to quickly integrate into the collective, should do more?
    The newcomers can quickly integrate into the collective, and they can do more things for old employees, such as water or box lunch or more zero workers, which is conducive to other people's work. You must have good communication and cooperation ability, respect others, be cautious, don't say that others are right or wrong, don't say bad things about others, don't provoke separation. You need to help those in need, you must be low -key and ask your predecessors. I won a chance. Newcomers in the workplace entering a new group are usually passive, and even in the process of communicating with colleagues, it is difficult to intervene. At this time you need to actively take the initiative to strive for some opportunities to integrate into it.
    Mamily familiar with the company's organizational structure and leadership as soon as possible. When each new employee starts working at the company, the first thing is to have a general understanding of the company's entire internal structure and personnel structure. It is necessary to understand the general situation of the company. It is the head office or the branch. There are several departments. Why, which departments are relatively loose, which departments are more promising, and which departments are more suitable for their ability? These are all things to understand. Only by understanding the company's operation and the basic situation of the company can we better carry out the next work.
    If newcomers entering a group, they often feel confused, even nervous and anxious. If you want to quickly integrate into the group, you can try the following 6 tricks. Observe and become familiar with the style of the team. Due to industry nature, corporate culture, team age, leadership style and other factors, the style of each team will have different characteristics. In a new group, we must first be good at observing, talk less, do more things, and gradually become familiar with team members and culture in various ways, and it is easier to join appropriately. Appreciate and praise colleagues. Discovering the advantages of everyone, sincerely expressed to each other. No one will refuse the praise of others, even if a person is humble and likes to listen to the praise of others. This will make people feel attention and make people feel friendly to you.

  2. This is to chat with the office at the same time and actively participate in the collective activities. This will be much better

  3. Do not rush into a new team first, first do a good job of work. This is the first step in the survival of the workplace. Only with survival, we will talk about integrating into the team.

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