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  1. How to apply for professional experience
    The professional experience is incompetent. Many college students hope to find professional counterparts in the process of job search. But the job that many people finally find are often wrong. So how to apply for professional experience? Let's take a look together!
    In professional experience how to apply for the first Spring Festival, a new round of recruitment peak is coming. Home companies enter the market recruitment. How to find a suitable position at a job fair is the most concerned on a job seeker.
    Recently, the reporter saw on a recruitment website BBS that many job seekers have discussed the issue of "professional/experience incompetence". Job seekers' job hunting at the job fair is smoother.
    1. How to successfully apply for a professional post
    The fresh graduate of a computer majors, although I am lucky to learn the popular major of computer, but I do n’t feel a little about computer technology work at all. Interest, she likes social work that deal with people, such as public relations and human resources management.
    how she was returned because she was handed in her resume at the job fair. Even many companies have questioned her job with the work of computer professional. Searching for jobs at the scene repeatedly defeated, there was no door to change, what should she do?
    The job search:
    In general, companies are more willing to receive professional counterpart talents. However, a recent survey shows that only 16 % of professional counterparts when choosing karma for science and engineering college students, and only 30 % and 42 % of professional counterparts with strong financial and economic and foreign language graduates, which indicates that college students are choosing a job in their careers. At that time, professional counterpart consciousness is gradually diluting.
    From the perspective of an enterprise, some enterprises have gradually diluted professional restrictions on professionalism. Some multinational companies' personnel managers even believe that in addition to some professional and technical positions, such as IT research and development, communications, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, buildings, etc. Generally, there are not many opportunities to use professional knowledge in general positions.
    . Even if it is a professional counterpart graduate, the knowledge learned in 4 years is limited. You must go through professional post training to be competent. For the company, the overall quality of graduates is the key. Professional counterparts only means mastering certain professional knowledge and skills, and work, no matter who is a new starting point.
    So at the live job fair faced with the company HR, the job seeker who wants to change his professional has gained the opportunity to show your position and fight for HR identity.
    The job seekers can explain from personal interests, personality and career matching, study experience or internship experience related to new occupations, and leave the impression of "who he is for me".
    The following is a successful dialogue:
    The interviewer: Are you a computer major graduated? Why should I apply for the position of "recruitment commissioner"? Job seeker: I have an extraordinary personality and like to deal with people. I usually participate in many student unions and social activities.
    The questionnaires of a talent evaluation company during the college. The results show that I am calm, quiet, and gentle, and the characteristics of personality are between introverted and outward. I am good at communicating with others. Human maturity. Therefore, I think I am very suitable for human resources, especially recruitment.
    The interviewer: Although you are suitable, it does not mean that you can be competent.
    I job seekers: Yes, since I realized that I was suitable for human resources, I have been actively preparing since junior year. I read a lot of recruitment books and took the "Human Resources Qualification Certificate" primary exam.
    . I also actively participated in the simulation recruitment officer activities organized by the Student Union, and also a member of the school's job search association. Because I have a good computer, I also served as a school -seeking version of the school, and designed resume templates for classmates many times ...
    The interviewer: Listening to you, it is indeed better than some professional counterpart students. Some achievements. But in the end, do you want to ask, are you willing to give up the current popular computer major? In terms of salary and development, there may be gap between the two tasks.

    The job seekers: I have already considered this. I think the development of computer development is only auxiliary means for job information operation. I will not abandon my major. I will cleverly use it for human resources, such as developing some recruitment procedures, or the development of human resources for ERP.
    2. How to engage in unrelated positions
    The confusion of "incompetence" is not limited to professionalism. Essence A job seeker studying environmental protection said that when he graduated from college in the early 1990s, the environmental protection industry had not started, so he was engaged in sales.
    However, Feng Shui takes turns. At present, his industry is very downturn, the sales work pressure is too high, but the environmental protection industry is booming. I want to go back to the environmental protection industry, but the environmental protection companies encountered at the job fair are not optimistic about themselves, and it is difficult to pick up the majors that have been deserted for many years.
    On how can you give you a chance to give yourself a chance?
    The job search:
    The number of job seekers who want to eat "turning grass" because of the cold and cold of the industry. Here, job seekers should face up to professional reality. Technical, R

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