1 thought on “What should the parents group of the new custody class be sent?”

  1. Welcome to the newly -built group in the kindergarten.
    3 Welcome everyone to participate in our Totor Class. It can be seen that parents are also accompanied by children in this life. The habit is also very good,
    is to wash your hands more, and wash your hands more to make your child pay attention to hygiene, so that children like such Toto.
    1, first ask parents, first say, "Parents, good you."
    2, I introduced myself afterwards. It can be said "I am the class teacher of a certain class."
    3. Finally, express the willingness to communicate with parents. It can be said "For the children's academic performance and healthy growth, I hope to actively communicate with parents in the group."
    In general, the class teacher needs to be concise and clear when speaking when you enter the parent group.
    The speech needs to show the identity of his class teacher, expressing concern for children, and conveying the willingness to communicate with hope.

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