1 thought on “How to deal with employees to slander the company's reputation”

  1. Legal analysis: Rumors and defamation are fired from the company. If the company has clearly stipulated that employees will be expelled from employees, then the company can be expelled from employees. Conditions to be met:
    1. Objective requirements
    The object to infringe on this crime is the same as insults. It is the personality dignity and reputation of others. The object of crime invasion is a natural person.
    2. Objective requirements
    This in the objective aspect of crime is the actor's implementation of fabrication and spreading some fictional facts, which is enough to degrade his human personality, reputation, and serious circumstances.
    3. The subject of the subject
    The subject of this crime is the general subject. Natural per capita per capita that reaches the age of criminal responsibility and has the ability to have criminal responsibility can constitute the crime. The unit cannot constitute a criminal subject.
    4. Subjective requirements
    The subjective crime must be intentional. The actor knows that he is scattered with false facts that are sufficient to damage the reputation of others. The results occur.
    The legal basis: If the "People's Republic of China Code" Article 1,665 of the perpetrators cause damage to the civil rights and interests of others due to faults, they shall bear the liability for infringement.

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