1 thought on “Is it true that the manual part -time job in the WeChat circle of friends is?”

  1. I did n’t immediately see part -time opportunities when I saw part -time jobs. Instead, I was doubtful. I encountered a part -time opportunity in a coincidence, because I also prefer to do handmade work. Many of them, many of these groups are manual hobbies like Xiaobian, and they often publish some part -time part -time recruitment advertisements in the group. So I added a friend in the group. He said that he could make many handmade works, you can make bracelets, or sew some insoles. Moreover, he has made a lot of tricks. Seeing that he has released a circle of friends for several months, so he was also motivated, and he added his handmade part -time group. However, not long after adding it by myself, I started to see that this group had changed slightly. I found that if you want to work part -time here, you must pay some deposits, and there are many deposits. Look. Although the group said that it will be returned to you in the end, but when I was not ready to start a part -time work, I found that the group was dissolved. Fortunately, Xiaobian did not pay the money, otherwise it would be drifting.
    So we still have to be careful when we go to handmade part -time jobs, especially WeChat and other handmade part -time jobs in contact with network platforms. If he says that these are part -time jobs of high commission and high deposit, we must also understand among them. The authenticity, don't be cheap, otherwise it must be yourself in the end.

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