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  1. Recently, the performance of colored and resource stocks has been relatively good, and the eyes of many investors in the market have also shifted to related companies. Today, let's take a look at the leading company of the rare earth segment industry-Shenghe Resources. Before starting the analysis and resources, the list of leading stocks of the rare earth subdivision industry I sorted out with the list of leading stocks in the industry. Look at

    The company introduction: Shenghe resources belong to the leading enterprise in the sparse earth smelting industry in Sichuan Province. The main business scope is the selection of rare earth ore, smelting separation, metal processing, and vanadium titanium mineral selection. The main products are rare earth concentrates, rare earth oxides, rare earth salts, rare earth metals, lithointed stone, titanium concentrate, gold red stone, etc. Essence After briefly introduced the situation of Shenghe resources, what is the good company about Shenghe Resources? Let's see, is it reliable if you invest?

    In highlights: Actively deploy upstream rare earth ore, make up for the shortcomings of resources

    {Shenghe resource raw material supply is stable and the overall cost of raw materials is low. In addition, the company also worked very hard to explore overseas rare earth resources. The bidding is not in the domestic rare earth mine project, and its production capacity is not limited to domestic quotas. To a certain extent, the company's capabilities have expanded and profitable. At present, the company is actively promoting the production capacity expansion project and the operation of overseas mineral resources.

    In bright spots: realize the layout of the entire industrial chain, the competitive advantage is obvious, the future growth can be expected

    Sessor and resources have the layout of the entire industrial chain. Selection, smelting separation and metal processing. The company's weighty soil does not fall, with cost and technical highlights. In terms of cost, in addition to the cheap cost of raw materials, the company is located in areas with rich water and electricity resources, and the cost of hydropower energy is not very high. In terms of technology, it has obvious technical advantages in the field of rare earth extraction process and sparse earth smelting separation, and its status in these industries can be regarded as high. Due to the limited space, more in -depth reports and risk reminders about the prosperity and resources, I organize in this research report, click to view: [Deep Research Report] Shenghe Resource Comment, it is recommended to collect it!

    . From the perspective of the industry,

    The rare earth is called "industrial vitamin". It is important in the development of industrial and new materials. The manufacturing of sharp industrial products requires it as raw materials. my country is abundant in rare land resources and exports a large proportion of output to the world. With the investment of multiple light rare earth projects overseas, the global rare earth supply pattern is developing in a diversified direction, but in a short time, the status of my country's rare earth industry overlords cannot be shaken. Faced with the growth of downstream demand and restricting overseas imports, the market acceptance of rare earth and related products and products has become higher and higher, and prices have also increased significantly, which may increase the profitability of rare earth enterprises. Shenghe resources are head companies in the rare earth industry in China, and the dividends brought by development can be enjoyed. In general, I think that Shenghe Resources Company, as a leader in the industry as a rare earth smelting, is expected to usher in high -speed development when the industry is changing. However, the article has a certain lag. If you want to know more accurately and the future market, click the link directly, and there are professional investment advisors to help you diagnose the stock. Timing: [Free] Is there a chance to test the prosperity and resources?

    The Answee time: 2021-09-04, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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