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  1. 1. Digestion-Finding the leader (KOL)
    Procketing community marketing is not a "sea investment" without targeted and purposefulness, but only to lock special groups. In order to achieve this, the more easy -to -use community marketing method is at the stage of drainage, and some KOL users in the community do the heavy service items in the community. The specifications of this type of KOL users can be carried out from three levels: whether it is more mastered for the product, and the broader information content is from; Great award and accepting TV program interviews.
    Due to the general situation, KOL can mean the overall needs of the community, and the service is thoughtful to the one hundred or even a large number of community group members indirectly. From the perspective of marketing promotion effects, such KOL users can usually promote the active community of other group members in the community, and then oxytize a large number of internal KOLs, attract a large number of new users, and reduce the operating costs of the company's community marketing.
    2. Customer acquisition-high-quality content output
    The as a community operator to establish, that is, users enter the community, then its key purpose is to master the basic information of the product. Therefore, the second point of social marketing methods is to ensure that the content of the output must be carried out closely around the product, and how to ensure high -quality content output, and the extended points include product advantages, product effects, product operation methods, etc. The final purpose of the output of high -quality content is to promote the popularity of the community and improve user stickiness, so that it can be stored and pave the way for post -to -the -after transformation.
    3. Conversion-Theme event marketing competitor analysis
    While, theme event marketing is applicable to various marketing methods from beginning to end, which is one of the outstanding conversion methods. In addition, the final point of the relevant community marketing methods is to learn to be a competitor analysis. As the saying goes, "the facts are better than the argument". Aiming at the work experience of continuous experimental and summary, we should make up for the strengths and improve itself. Therefore, it is proposed that the company can choose some technical professional public opinion analysis mobile software, which can complete the real -time monitoring of new projects such as competitors, service projects, and sales markets in the manufacturing industry. Complete the analysis of the management methods of competitors, and assist the company to complete the independent innovation of business processes.

  2. I think it is indispensable for marketing, and I need to have their own customers, because only by promoting drainage can it attract more people, and the key point of marketing is that if this group of people become their own customers, how can it Maintain a good relationship with customers. If you want to maintain your relationship with your customers, you recommend that you can use Reed assistant, and you can often send some blessings to customers to improve the sense of presence.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Teacher Xiaobo, and I am happy to answer your questions. Wait a while, typing and query take a certain time, give me 5 minutes, I will answer younTo put it simply, the community is a marketing method: a process of turning customers into fans and fans into friends. Community marketing is the same or similar hobbies or certain interest relationships between each other. Through a certain platform, they gather together to meet the needs of different groups through product sales or services to meet the needs of different groups. Community marketing platforms are widely limited to the Internet. Various platforms and communities can do social marketing. For example, online forums, Weibo, QQ group, post bar, Momo, etc., offline communities can be a platform for community marketing.n1. First, to list the plan. Whether it is social marketing or other types of marketing activities or projects, there should be plans and arrangements. Finding better methods and methods, there is also a clear goal, which will make your marketing more steps and results. 2. Hire professional people to be responsible for community marketing. Professional people have professional knowledge and skills, rich experience. They can do a good job of community marketing, and can truly create results and value benefit. 3. Establish a team. It is not enough to rely on the power of individuals alone. To do a good job of community marketing, you still need to rely on the strength of the team. With professional people to be responsible for social marketing, you also need to form a team. Various activities and work. 4. Understand research and design your own core products and cultural concepts. For community marketing, in order to make achievements, you need to have your own core products and ideas, and you need to attract customers. Good products and concepts will make customers more agree with their companies and marketing methods. 5. Do a good job of interaction and stimulate the sense of participation and experience among community members. If you want to better do social marketing, you need to interact with your customers. Everyone actively participate in it and actively experience your products and services, so that there will be consumer behavior. 6. Carry out the topic and topic activities to promote everyone's consumption. An important manifestation of doing a good job of community marketing is that the real consumption is generated, so that customers in their community can really pay for the benefits of the company. Therefore, it is also important to carry out various topics. 7. According to their own advantages and disadvantages, do a good job in management, and encourage employees to stimulate their potential. Learn to increase your innovation ability. To do a good job in community marketing, you need innovative ideas, good attitude and emotions.n1 morenBleak

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  5. Community marketing is based on common needs, and then gather community personnel through some self -media as the carrier, and then meet user needs through products and services, and ultimately contribute to the purpose of order generation. The characteristics of high validity and low cost, pay attention to Shanren information, understand the content of more community marketing, and see how to build your own community to carry out marketing

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