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  1. Raw
    Methods of mobile phone WeChat
    First of all, there must be one or more responsible operators, or the administrator of the WeChat group, usually the personnel department of the company, or high high Management staff. The administrator should play a role in maintaining and leading, and to be transferred or directly conveyed to every newcomer game rules for each group.
    The administrators should prohibit group members from swiping, advertising, and publishing false information. We must know that this information will cause many people to dislike and greatly reduce the quality of the entire group. There is no rules, and it is important to rectify a group of disciplinary style.
    The company’s WeChat group can usually be used to inform matters or other related activities in the work, and this information should be used to assist the persons of various departments, implement them on employees, and let employees feel the meaning of the group, consciously consciously Reading group news, not that people think that this group is optional.
    Axue, administrators can share some valuable and nutritious articles for everyone. They can also encourage everyone to participate in discussing some meaningful topics, improve everyone's participation, activate the atmosphere of the group, create an interesting and interesting one, and create an interesting and interesting one. Not a boring WeChat group.
    Is when members in the group encounters difficulties, they must help them solve the problem in time and effectively. They can convey in the form of@to express respect and make people feel the presence.
    It, the group name should be simple and standardized, it is easy to find, and it can be named after the company name. The unified name format can also make the WeChat group more standardized. For example, everyone can change the group remarks to "XX department name", which is convenient to manage and make everyone clear at a glance.
    The company's boss can often send a red envelope in the group to encourage everyone, and can also send some festive blessings to make the atmosphere more harmonious and make colleagues more attachment.

  2. WeChat group operations are nothing more than four points: pulling new, drainage, promotion, and transformation.
    of course, these are the purpose of each of us, what to do, let's look at
    Per clear community value
    The common WeChat community types mainly include the following: Product -type community, knowledge -based community, interest -based community, marketing community, resource -human -type community. Among these communities, marketing communities are the most difficult to operate. Generally, micro -business or sales, and promoting products.
    Procketing community positioning is the first step in operating and management of the community. This is also a very critical step, which directly determines the number and quality of your target users.
    S continued value output
    The maintenance of community members, the most important thing is that valuables are improved, and they can regularly share valuable high -quality content or products in the group. For example, sharing healthy knowledge, jokes, professional knowledge skills, carrying out health knowledge lectures, etc. every day in the group, etc.
    In the chat dog WeChat group management tools, through regular push functions, sharing high -quality content every day. In addition, the group living interactive function of chat dogs supports viewing weather, watching news, sharing constellation fortune, health knowledge, today's oil prices, and other contents to provide topics for group members.
    Incing group activity
    The purpose of group living interaction is to promote daily work and pull new activities. In addition to daily sign -in activities, it also includes different types of activities, hot spots or festivals, etc. It is necessary to arrange various execution work, including the number of participants, the planning planning, gift arrangement, etc., and collect the information of the winners.
    In the event, you can arrange a chat dog assistant to do some simple, repetitive things, such as automatic response of keywords, regular pushing, multiple groups, automatic pulling people into the group, etc., do a good job of user information collection. Improve user activity.

    It must not only have good operating methods in community operations, but also combine good operating tools to better achieve the effect. Chat Dog WeChat group management tools, support automatic pulling people into the group, welcome groups, keywords reply, regular push, multi -group group issuance, automatic advertising and other functions. Introducing a chat dog in the WeChat group management can better achieve the precipitation and sharing of high -quality content of group chat, improve the activity of group members, and improve the management efficiency of WeChat group management.

  3. 1. Find WeChat group positioning: Before doing WeChat group management, group managers should understand that WeChat group should not just accumulate in the number of group members, but requires a commonality. Therefore, before building the group, group managers must first find a precise positioning, and then gather people with common interests and like -minded people, so as to operate WeChat groups.
    2. Continuous output content: For a WeChat group, the output of the content is very important. The content that can continue to output is one of the conditions that determine whether a WeChat group can operate for a long time. The content must meet the needs of group members and help group members to solve the problem, which is valuable content.
    3. Improve the activity of WeChat group: The quality of a WeChat group depends on the activity of the WeChat group, and whether a group is active mainly depends on whether there is communication in the group. Therefore, group managers can make topics, drive members of the group to interact and resonate.

  4. 1. About the topic
    The questions of new group friends as daily topics.
    2. Group Daily
    Fixed time to send group daily newspapers every day.
    3. Administrator demonstration
    The administrator made a group demonstration.
    4. Group announcement
    The role of group announcements is similar to product use instructions, which is the first step for newcomers to understand the group. Therefore, the atmosphere of the group should be highlighted in the group announcement, indicating what the new group of friends do: such as the introduction of the group self -introduction raising a question.
    5. Good at using@symbols

  5. 1. Learn
    The method of learning from good
    2. With strategy
    The long -term planning before starting, everything must be done at each stage
    3. Opinion leader
    The group leader in the group, you can cultivate
    4. Meet the needs

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