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  1. Legal analysis: 1. The start -up enterprise must apply for a business license (Industrial and Commercial Bureau): The illegal operation that does not receive the business license operate without receiving the business license, and it is processed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau without a license.
    2. Corporation of enterprise land use (Land Bureau): To start enterprises, land use approval is required to issue land use certificates. Without the approval of the land authority, it is illegally occupied by the land competent department, and it is illegal to occupy the land and seriously may constitute a crime.
    3. The enterprise must be environmental assessment (environmental protection bureau): "Brick Factory" involves environmental issues, and environmental protection assessments must be made through the Environmental Protection Bureau to issue environmental protection certifications. No brick factories shall not be opened without permission or environmental protection certification.
    The notice of legal basis: The "Notice of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology on the Special Rectification of the Provincial Brick and Tile Industry" Article I Article 2 The Points of Rectification
    (1) Resolutely eliminate backward production capacity. According to the "Adjustment Guidance Catalog of Industrial Structure", it is resolutely eliminated the "below 24 bricks and tile kiln, as well as the land kiln, the top wheel kiln, and the horseshoe kiln", and eliminate the backward process, equipment and products in accordance with the law. The backward production capacity of the demolition conditions should be removed immediately. If there is no demolition conditions for the time being, the water should be broken, the power is broken, the power device is demolished, the main equipment is sealed, and the "dead ash reunion" is strictly preventing.
    (2) Resolutely curb new production capacity. According to the "Notice on Resolutely Containing the Blind Basic Display of the Capacity Expansion of the Burning Brick and Tile Industry" jointly issued by the former four departments such as the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the principles must not be added to the brick and tile capacity of the brick and tiles. Replacement. The capacity for reduction replacement must be legally compliant and complete, and the backward production capacity of the eliminated backward production capacity, the increase of the kiln door without the increase of the kiln door, and the change of the rail into a simple tunnel kiln shall not be used for production capacity replacement. The production capacity for technical reform or new projects must be demolished before the construction project is put into production.
    (3) Resolutely punish illegal enterprises. For new brick -and -tile enterprises that violate the law after May 15, 2018, we must resolutely demolish it; Illegal enterprises that use environmental protection facilities must be investigated and punished in accordance with the law, and production will be discontinued immediately. For enterprises that fail to complete the rectification or rectification within a limited time, the local governments with approved rights will be closed in accordance with the law.
    (4) Resolutely implement environmental protection responsibilities. Further urge brick -and -tile enterprises to fully implement environmental protection relevant laws and regulations; strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system for new construction, technical reforms, and expand brick -and -tile enterprises, and strictly implement environmental protection facilities must be designed, constructed, and put into production and use systems at the same time as main projects; Brick and tile production enterprises must hold the evidence on schedule and discharge pollution according to evidence. For enterprises that have been closed according to law, cancel the pollution discharge permit.
    (5) Resolutely strengthen safety supervision. Strict production safety supervision and law enforcement, combined with Sichuan emergency 2019 "safe security" safety law enforcement special actions, investigate and deal with brick -and -tile enterprises that do not have safety production conditions in accordance with the law, and find companies that do not meet the conditions of production safety, and immediately issue instructions for suspension of production and rectification. For enterprises that have not rectified or rectified within the time limit, local governments with approved rights have been closed in accordance with the law.

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