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  1. Very professional and well -known.
    Manan organizes a small class for lectures. The teacher has a high value and professional. After learning, take us to the customer's home for internship. After the internship is passed, you can sign a contract with them. The overall is particularly good. The teacher's professional knowledge is very strong, the logical thinking is clear, very systematic, and very practical. And emphasize old -knowledge and new studies. The organizer is a professionals who provide customers with home finishing, storage solutions and services through in -depth communication with customers. In the 1980s, the occupation of a organizer has been in the United States, which is that the number of American household office accounts for about half. The place where the organizer works is the customer's "home and office". The organizer is responsible for helping them sort out the information and organize the time finishing, asset finishing, and the cleanup of debris.
    The organizer is a new industry and new group accompanied by reform and opening up. The customer base of the organizer is mainly based on high -income groups. For example, white -collar workers who do not organize the storage time and experience due to their busy work. Such customers often have a large amount of items and are unwilling to discard them at will. Because of this, the organizer has a broad market space. In China, the organizer appeared at a high salary of 10 times higher than the housekeeping personnel, and was pushed to the public vision by the rising middle class.

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