4 thoughts on “Teddy fell into the wolf group and was besieged to death. How bloody is this scene?”

  1. Nearly many families were kept by pet dogs or pet cats. Recently, one thing happened in Xinjiang, that is, a teddy fell into the wolf group and was besieged. This scene was very bloody. After all, one was very bloody. The puppy is difficult to reach a group of wolves.
    1. Related events. On April 5, 2021, in Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, tourists shocked her when they played in the Wolf Valley: Teddy dog ​​was torn and killed by the wolf group, and she was broken.
    This is shocking! Teddy Falling Wolf Valley was besieged to death by a group of wolves. Witnesses: The dog owner lost his hand and fell
    I took a closer look at it and found that it was a teddy.
    In that the Teddy owner held it to see the wolf group in the afternoon, the owner wanted to let Teddy "see the world", holding it to let it take a closer look, Teddy scared, scratched the master, the master, the master, the master, the master Without hugging, Teddy fell into the wolf nest from it, and was instantly surrounded by wolves.
    . How to look at this matter? So how everyone thinks of this matter, this video spreads on the Internet, everyone's views on this matter are different. Some people think that the dog owner is intentional, some people think What a pity. In fact, I think that the dog owner should not intentionally deliberately. After all, the dog sometimes breaks away from being very big. It may just accidentally fall. After all, the dog may have some fear or excitement when they see the wolf group. Because they are very fierce, dogs are easily scared by them. In fact, it will raise pet dogs, which means that people must also love very much in their hearts, otherwise they will not be raised, and the cost of raising a pet dog is also very high.
    3. What should the dog owner do? In fact, this matter has given many people a lesson, especially those who raising dogs must look at their dogs in their daily lives. If you want to report If you go out, you can take the dog walking ropes to tie them into your hands, which will not be prone to accidents. After all, a lot of dogs are killed by a car every year or other accidents.

  2. Very bloody, those wolves kept biting the body of the teddy dog, their limbs were broken, her flesh and blood were blurred, they could not look directly. It was really not a bloody scene that ordinary people could see.

  3. The scene is very bloody, because they all know that the wolf is a very fierce animal, and Teddy is so weak that it must not be able to fight. The final result is to be eaten.

  4. I think it is still very terrible. After all, Teddy has always been a very cute family pet. I am afraid that this time it is hard to protect by wolves.

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