There is a cartoon film, the protagonist is a puppy opponent. What is the name?

When the wolf sees the beauty, his eyes will fall out. After the puppy was kissed by a beauty, he always had to pretend to be calm, and found a place where no one was vent.

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  1. "Q version of cats and mice".
    "q version of cats and mice" is Tom and Jerry, introduced by CCTV in the 1990s, also known as "Kitten and Labor" and "1990 Cats and Mouse".
    The episodes in total, each episode of three stories, in addition to cats and mice, there are also Droopy and Dripple's father and dogs fighting Mike old wolf, another pair of father -son dogs, and Taek ( The story of Spike and Tyke.
    The main characters:
    1, Macing Old Wolf
    Macauki wolf, MGM's animated character, a funny villain wolf, is always defeated by Droopy, but it is a repeated defeat. Stimulate the laughing nerve of the audience.
    2, Dupi
    Droopy Droopy has a tired and ginseng face, and therefore named "Drupi".
    Droopy's behavior is always not slow or even drowsy, slow and monotonous, but in fact Droopy teases opponents with high wisdom, let them jump like a thunder, and have huge power, which can easily beat easily. Two times with your own opponent.

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