3 thoughts on “Can the kitten drink the water soaked in Houttuynia cordata?”

  1. It should be okay, but why do you let cats drink Houttuynia?
    Mu alpine grass information:
    Herba (English name Herba) is a herbal medicine included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. part. Houttuynia cordata grows mainly in the cold and humid mountainous areas of the three southwestern southwestern China. In summer, the stems and leaves are lush and spikes for a long time. Herbal characteristics: The stems are flat cylindrical, twisted, 20-35cm long, 0.2 to 0.3cm diameter; brownish yellow surface, with vertical edges, obvious festivals, residual roots on the lower sections; crispy, easy to break. The leaves are alternate, the blade rolls are shrinking, and after flatness, it is heart -shaped, 3 to 5cm long, 3 to 4.5cm wide; the apex is gradually sharp, full; The petiole is slender, and the base and the tidto leaves are combined with sheath shape. The ears are topped with the top, yellow -brown. Rubbing a fishy smell. Houttuynia crooquin is cold, cold and cold, and returns to the lung meridian. It can clear heat and detoxify, reduce swelling and sores, diuretic dehumidification, clearing heat and stopping diarrhea, strengthening the stomach and eliminating diet, use the lung dysentery, sore swelling poison, hemorrhoid blood, spleen and stomach fever, spleen and stomach heat, etc. Essence Modern pharmacological experiments show that this product has antibacterial, antiviral, improved the body's immunity, diuretic and other effects.

  2. cannot. The stomach of the kitten is very fragile, and the coldness of Houttuynia peria is easy to cause cats to slip intestinal diarrhea or even dehydrate. Therefore, you can only let the kittens eat breast milk. If you do n’t have the mother cat, you can go to the pet shop to buy a special cat milk powder or goat milk powder for the kitten.

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