I live in Nanjing, can I adopt cats? What if you can, what should you lead?

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1 thought on “I live in Nanjing, can I adopt cats? What if you can, what should you lead?”

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    The theoretically, you can't go to the official process of the Cat Cat Network. Cats entering the Cat Cat adoption process are all in Beijing. Basically, the adopters are also required to be in Beijing. Indeed, I liked it, and was responsible for the cost of air transportation and promised not to abandon it. They would consider it. I was in charge of their heads in Fuzhou. At that time, I had contacted the little sister or Princess Sarah. We contacted many times. Later, because the distance was too far, I was worried that the cat was in the air on the way to air. You can try this method
    The adoption center here/bepijing/index, submit the application form, or send an email to Info@Luckycats to explain the adoption will You can take a plane with people. As long as you are immune, you can obtain a certificate

    It is that you are in Nanjing, you can post in the Tutu.com forum/BBS/post, indicate the city, seek adoption, seek adoption Essence Because the netizens on Tu Cat Online are everywhere in Tiannanhai, there will always be netizens in the same city to help you pay attention, providing the nearest adoption news
    I wish you an early adoption to your beloved cat^-^

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