How much does it cost a day to foster cats in Beijing?

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  1. Generally, about thirty or forty a day. In fact, if you leave for a long time, you can let it be at home, prepare enough water and grain and sand, so you don’t have to worry. Cats are afraid of strange environment. At home

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am inquiring for you, please wait a moment, I will reply to you immediately ~nAsk questionsnOKnAnswer Hello, the price of foster cats is generally ranging from 20-100 yuan/day, and there are many factors that affect the price and cannot give specific prices. However, for cats to adapt to the environment in the centers as soon as possible, the owner must prepare more beforehand. Mainly consider several aspects: 1. Before the environment of the foster centers, the host should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the foster centers as the owner to ensure the comfort and tidy and tidy of the foster care center environment. We can start from these aspects: Whether the cage arranged for the cat is clean; whether the air in the centers is circulating, fresh; the disinfection of the foster centers; whether there are sick pets in the foster centers, etc. Only by determining the chastity of the support center environment can we ensure that cats can live in the foster center healthy. 2. The staff of the staff of the foster centers is an important participant in the cat fosterity process. The owner should inspect whether the foster centers are professional, whether they understand the cat's daily care knowledge, and whether they have love. Only in this way can the money be offered for fostering. 3. The cat's living habit is explained to the owner of the cat. It is the one who knows the cat's lifestyle most. After the cat is foster, due to the changes in the living environment and the caregiver, it may make it difficult for cats to adapt for a while, so it should be explained Clear cats' various living habits, such as the cat's eating habits, the fixed stool time of the cat, the fixed eating time of the cat, the cat's favorite toys, and so on. 4. Check whether the cat's various vaccines are in fostering during the foster care period. The owner must also consider whether the cats injected with various vaccines during their foster care periods to ensure that the cat does not infected with any disease during her foster care. 5. Generally, a regular foster centers will require both parties to sign a fostering agreement. As a consumer, the owner should see the content of the fostering agreement, check whether there are invisible consumption content in the inspection agreement, the provisions of the liability and obligations during the foster care period and the later stages Wait, try not to foster for minor cats, and kittens are not strong to adapt to the new environment. Even a good environment is difficult to avoid physical or psychological effects. Now there is a family fostering method, that is, the owner of the cat herself, and the space in the family is relatively large, so it adopts some foster cats. Such owners are usually more loving, but it is best to introduce the relationship between people who are familiar with people. It is equivalent to an indirect understanding. If you really like cats, when you encounter a cat, you will not consider how much the cat is fostering for a day. The most important thing is that the money spends the cat to get careful care. There should also be attention when you pick up the cat to check the health status of the cat to prevent bacterial infections between pets. It is necessary to do a comprehensive cleaning care before returning home. This is very necessary.nHello, you can describe in detail what you need to consult here ~nI hope the above answers will help you ~ I wish you a happy life! If you are satisfied with my answer, please like it ~n4 morenBleak

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