The variety of stray cats?

Seeing these two cats in the community, is a stray cat that is often fed? Want to ask whether this variety cat or raccoon cat? It looks pretty good.

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  1. Siam, British short, beauty and so on.
    Aergia cats are the world's famous short -haired cats and the representative variety of short -haired cats. Race is native to Siam, hence the name Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised in the palaces and temples of Thailand alone, and was a nobleman who did not leave home. Siamese cats can better adapt to the owner's local climate, and their character is strong, witty and flexible, curious, and understand. British short -haired cats British short -haired cats have a fat body, short limbs, short and short, short and dense, large and round head, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to raise. Large and round eyes present various colors depending on the hair. As an ancient cat variety, its history can be traced back to the ancient Roman cats. Due to the long history of breeding, it can be called a model of the cat family. In addition to the fixed ear distances and representative genetic characteristics, British short -haired cats are rich in variability, such as the color of the back hair color. More importantly, after a wide range of breeding history, this cat has a healthier body and a more tamed personality. The American short -haired cat is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestors were cats brought to North America in early European immigrants and were similar to British short -haired cats and European short -haired cats. American short -haired cats are well -proportioned, powerful, and lively. Children's short -haired cats are round head and round brain, and the soft feel and flexible limbs are very flattering.
    This cats can regulate the interest of life. Each of our lives are not all colorful. Most people live a boring two -point life. At this time, a cat can bring you a lot to you a lot pleasure.

  2. In recent years, more and more people raising cats. Some people buy varieties of cats, some adopt a cat from friends, and some people dedicate their love to pick a stray cat on the road to raise them, but you know these three types Is the difference between cats? What cat is more suitable for your family to raise you really figured out?
    In listening to me.

    The cats, orange cats, three flowers, raccoon cats, black cats, white cats, black and white cats, all belong to the category of cats. The earliest cats in our country have a history of more than 1,000 years. At first, cats were to catch mice, so the cats were semi -domesticated animals. For the old Beijing bungalow households, cats will slip out at night. The door wandered around, dating, catching the mouse, and returned home the next morning. Because the family cats have to go out to social wandering at night, the family cat maintains wild characteristics. Because of this, the probability of losing the probability of male cats who do not have sterilized cats in the building is still quite high, because when I hear outside at night, there is any outside. The female cat's cry, he will come out desperately desperately.
    variety cats refer to cat varieties certified by the cat associations in the world.
    The varieties of cats are about 40 types. It was originally in Europe, and then began hybridization and breeding in places such as Canada. Because, in addition to the original cats, people also hope to pursue more beautiful colors, more beautiful patterns, and gentle personality. After one or two hundred years of unremitting efforts, they have cultivated a lot of cats with good character and beautiful patterns, but From a genetic perspective, there are also some defects, such as the Garfield cat folding ear cats, etc. They inherit the genetic defects of the variety of cats and require additional care and care of shovel officers.
    The registered lion cat and raccoon cats are currently registered as variety cats, which are recognized by the International Cat Association.
    Whats of stray cats come from?

    is self -evident. Literally, it turned out to be home. Later, it was abandoned and wandered everywhere, and then it became a stray cat.

    Why are it abandoned into a stray cat?

    The I think there are the following reasons:

    The cats sent by friends, not worthy, not distressed, I have no financial ability, no strength, no housing, no housing , I do n’t agree with the family, I like the new and hate the old, I have moved the new home, returned to my hometown, and changed jobs!

    In short, in addition to love, cat -raising people are more important and patient!

    The most important thing is the economic foundation!

    This cats are the same as raising children. Cats are luxury, like raising children, cats are not gadgets, take it when they like it, and do not like to throw it away. Irresponsible!
    The cat house registered as a world cat association, deeply appreciated the importance of orderly breeding, reducing the number of reproduction, working on the quality and personality of the cat, insisting on domestication, and striving to cultivate the slippery out of slipping out. Bangladesh Leopard Cat, this is also the only way for the continuous development of varieties of cats.

  3. There are 42 species recognized by CFA (Cat Fanciers').
    tica (The Cat) currently recognized a total of 71 varieties.
    In selection of varieties, you can browse and query on the website. In addition to the appearance characteristics, cats of different varieties are different in behavioral and easy -to -afford diseases.

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