5 thoughts on “How to teach cats to not catch people?”

  1. Cats are actually very smart. As long as you show the painful appearance of pretending to be hurt by the cat, the cat will immediately stop catching people and observe whether it will hurt the owner by itself. So trim the cat's nails. If it catchs people, it will pretend to be injured. It can also be effectively scolded when it is catching people.

  2. I usually cut off all the cat's nails first, and then when it wants to catch people, I will roar, sometimes it will hit it, and slowly, it will know that this behavior is wrong, and slowly It will develop habits.

  3. It is best to trim your claws for the cat to avoid being caught by the cat.
    In my own experience of raising cats, cats are more wild before being tamed, which is aggressive to people.
    , but I often contact it and touch its fur. After you have feelings, you won't catch you again when you tease it.

  4. There are more and more people who like to raise cats, but after all, cats are animals, and they sometimes caught people. If you want to teach cats to not catch people, first, you need to give it some punishment when the cat is arrested, which can be scolded or some other punishment. Secondly, the cat's nails need to be cut short to prevent accidents.

  5. Cat caught people, this is his instinct. If you catch people, you are also to protect yourself. If you do n’t want to be caught by the cat, you will cut it off, so you will not be caught. Very spiritual, if it always catchs people, you can not feed it to eat, or you can reprimand it loudly, so that next time it will be concerned

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