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  1. Absolutely, because all cats include all kinds of parasites, but the number and type are only different. If the cat's frequent scratches and licking the body, or the wrapped body or insect eggs are already attached to the coat, you can definitely have a body surface parasitic. Similarly, if the cat has no other consumed disease, but the body is thin, the body is sluggish, or the feces with insects or insect eggs in the feces, and even the oral or nasal cavity will even be discharged, and the intestinal parasites will be more serious.
    The kittens you picked up, the parasite of the body can use the method of bathing, warm water, neutral detergent, and some cats resisting bathing, so pay attention to safety not to be bitten. If necessary, you can be responsible for them. Grasp the kitten, and the other person is responsible for cleaning. As for intestinal parasites, we must take insect repellent or injection of insect repellent injections. The usage usage should be strictly referred to the drug instructions or obeyed the doctor's advice. If possible, it is best to take it to the necessary epidemic prevention.
    The kitten can eat independently, feeding the finished cat food, and you can also feed it according to the actual situation, such as broth mixing rice buns. But pay attention to low salt, no salt without salt. And do not feed the caffeine chocolate Coca -Cola and so on.

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