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  1. Serieved short hair cats (details introduction)
    cat vomiting is a very common phenomenon, and there are many reasons for cat vomiting, such as cats cold, eating unclean things, gastritisitis, gastritisitis For reasons, parents should pay attention to observing the symptoms of the cat to ensure the health of the cat's physical health.
    1. The cat has the habit of licking the hair, and the hair is often licked into the stomach, and the hair ball is gradually formed in the stomach. Vomit, spit out the hair ball. This is a kind of physiological vomiting of cats. In addition, cats will also vomit after eating too much, too much, and eating more green feed such as grass and vegetables, which is also physiological vomiting. When a physiological vomiting occurs, the cat has no other abnormalities except vomiting, and it will eat after vomiting.
    2. The vomiting of cats caused by various pathogenic factors belongs to pathological vomiting. There are many pathogenic factors that cause cat vomiting, such as virality (such as cat plague), bacterial (such as Salmonis disease, etc.), parasiticity (such as bow -shaped body disease, etc.), chemistry (such as various irritating foods (such as various irritating food , Drugs, pesticides, toxic substances, etc.) and physical properties (such as excessive food or frozen food, etc.) can cause cat vomiting. When a cat is vomiting, it should first distinguish whether physiological vomiting or pathological vomiting. If there is one or two vomiting once, there is no other abnormalities, and most of the people who eat after vomiting are physiological vomiting, which can be ignored; At the same time, it is accompanied by other abnormal performances, such as mental weakness, elevated body temperature, diarrhea, etc., and the veterinarian should be diagnosed and treated.

  2. Cat vomiting may be improper diet, indigestion, gastrointestinal diseases, hair balls, and parasites in the body.
    The causes caused by intestinal obstruction and other reasons. You need to take a cat to the pet hospital for examination to confirm the specific cause and then targeted treatment to avoid delaying the condition.
    The cat's ears are more sensitive to the sound of high frequencies. When the cat heard the sound of the treble, it will produce excitement. The sound of such a combination of teeth, tearing tape, and tape tapes belongs to 2000Hz By the high frequency range of 5000Hz, when the cat receives this sound, it will stimulate the neurons to become excited. The vomiting center is located in the marrow. When it is transmitted into the nerve impulse or other reasons Nausea reaction.

  3. Reason 1: Mao Ballis
    The habit of licking the hair for self -cleaning of the cat. In the process of licking the hair, some cat hair will be swallowed into the cat's belly. The cat hair is discharged from the body by vomiting, and the vomit is generally coarse -like wool or cat hair accompanied by mucus.
    Reason two: Cat gastrointestinal sensitivity
    The catal gastrointestinal sensitivity is also one of the causes of cat vomiting. When the food used by cats does not fit the appetite, vomiting or even diarrhea will occur.
    Reason three: Acute gastroenteritis
    Cat vomiting is one of the main symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, mainly because cats eat improper foods of deterioration. While vomiting, it is usually accompanied by diarrhea, fever, and weakness. Most vomiting is persistent. Vomit is food residue and gastric juice. In severe cases, vomit is yellow -green or brown.

    This Depending on the type of specific problems, the principle analysis / content expansion of the cause of the steps / causes of the cause of the steps is performed.
    The specific steps are as follows: / The reason for this situation is ...

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  5. Digestive, foreign body, foreign body, gastritis, gastritis, pancreatitis, parasitic in the body, hairy disease, infection virus, gastrointestinal cold and so on.
    Igly, it is recommended that the owner analyzes the cause of the cat's vomiting first, and then give the cat for corresponding treatment. If it is suffering from gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, and infected virus, the cat needs to be immediately sent to the hospital for examination and treatment.
    The cats often vomit, and the owner needs to observe what his vomit is. If the cat often vomits the wool, it is caused by licking the hair too much hair.

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