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  1. 1. Stomach. If the cat's mouth will have a little smell, the shoveling officer must brush his teeth regularly, because after the cat eats food, the teeth will not be cleaned for a long time, which will accumulate bacteria, causing bad breath and more periodontal disease.
    2. Ear smelly. Cats suffer from ear mites to cause ear smell. The shoveling officer regularly use ear washing to help the cat clean the ear canal.
    3. Claw smell. The cat's paws will also have a odor, without repairing the feet hair in time. The cat litter hidden in the toe seam and stepping on urine feces may cause odor. If it is bad, pay attention to whether the cat's paw is injured.
    4. Body odor. Cats are more clean and have little odor in your body. If you smell the cat's hair a little odor, look at whether the cat has a skin disease.
    5. The butt smell. If the position of the cat's butt is always stinky, it may be that the hair is stained with shit or the problem of the digestive system causes soft stools and diarrhea. Or the problem of anal glands, it is okay to deal with it in time.

  2. 1. Use pet deodorant
    what is the simplest method, that is, using pet deodorant, you can eliminate the cat's urine smell in the room.
    This is a recently popular deodorizing gase. It is suitable for the odor of a variety of animals and can effectively eliminate these odors. But it should be noted that these elimination agents have a certain toxicity.
    Although it is appropriate to pet on the surface, it is best to use it when the cat leaves, for the health of the cat. And this kind of deodorant can be bought in a pet shop, so if you are a lazy person, try this method.
    2. Using citric acid
    The citric acid is particularly effective for removing cats' urine flavor. The method of use is very simple, that is, you only need to prepare citric acid and a spray bottle.
    Then the appropriate amount of citric acid needs to be dissolved in the water, and spray the place where you think there is a cat's odor. Then the citric acid will play a sour effect and eliminate the odor of urine as much as possible.
    The need to pay attention to the cat cannot be exposed to the cat, because the cat is afraid of this taste. It is not possible to add citric acid when washing the cat's toilet, which will make cats dislike the cat's toilet in the cat toilet when washing.
    3. Use the deodorization machine
    If you have certain conditions, you can buy a machine called a pet deodorization machine, which can eliminate the odor in the air, so it can remove the cat's diarrhea and odor. taste.
    The types of deodorization machines are various. You may not know how to choose, and the deodorization machine is different from the air purifier. Be sure to see the functions.
    It also should be noted that pet deodorization machines cannot achieve the best effect. It is impossible to eliminate the odor of cat urine 100 %. This needs to be noted.

  3. 1. Check whether the cat's body is sick. For example, if the cat has long ear mites or oral inflammation, the body will emit odor; the cat itself loves cleanliness, often combed with hair, and clean up the foreign body. If its body is stinky, first of all Check whether the cat is sick. For example, if its ears have ear mites, it will have a sour smell; oral inflammation will also have a certain foreign body. Essence So if you want to remove the cat's body, you must first check whether it is caused by illness. 2. Change cat litter, regularly clean the cat supplies and toys, and keep the room ventilated and dry; if you want to raise a cat, you must be diligent, otherwise the owners of cats will not be called "shoveling officer". To shovel cats is a basic job. It is found that there are cat litter, and you have to shove it out. Although the cat litter will absorb the cat's urine, the cat has been staying in the cat sand pot for a long time, and it is easy to stain. In addition, cat's toys, basin, cat nests, etc. should be cleaned regularly and expose it in the sun. On the one hand, it can remove the odor, reduce bacteria, and avoid cats from getting sick. 3. Take a bath for the cat and clean the anus glands, but it is not too diligent. Wash it once every 1 to 2 months. Many people say that cats do not need to take a bath often, but they do not mean that cats do not need to take a bath, especially its anal glands. After all, they will not wipe farts after excretion. Naturally, the owner needs to help it clean up. Generally, cats need to take a shower once every 1 to 2 months. It sort out the hair by itself. It does not remove the taste and bacteria on the skin. Only by washing it thoroughly can it achieve the cleaning effect. Take a bath for the cat, you must use a pet gel dedicated to pets, and remember to squeeze the anal glands, clean up the residual poop, and blow dry the hair after washing.

  4. Cats can bring joy and warmth to the breeders many times, but in the process of getting along with the cat, cats will also have some annoying performances. Among them, it is one of them. Today I will take you to understand how the cat's taste should be removed.

    This cats in the house can be removed by these two methods:
    First, place some charcoal or tangerine peel at home;

    second. Put some cat litter in the cat's living environment;

    Most of the cats will have a little odor. Friends who are mindful can use the above two minutes to solve it.

    First of all, charcoal can adsorb the odor well. I believe that many friends know this. If the cat tastes too heavy, the shoveling officer can place some charcoal at home. If you feel that charcoal can easily affect the environmental sanitation in the home, you can also choose the effect of Chenpi to purify the air.

    Secondly, the reason why many cats have a lot of odor is mainly because of the environment of cat life. In this regard, you can lay some cat litter in the cat's nest, which can also cover the smell on the cat.

    The above is the two very simple and effective solutions about the cat's too heavy taste. The method of dealing with cat taste too heavy is introduced here. I hope everyone can solve this problem

  5. It can be covered with various perfumes, but it is not recommended, because the cat's sense of smell is much more sensitive than humans. You think the cat smelly, but it feels normal, and what you think is smelly for it.

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