1 thought on “How to guide cats to drink water”

  1. Cats, as pets, are now favored by many friends. If the cats in the home do not like to drink water, then we can try to guide the cat to drink water with the curiosity of cats. For example, using flowing water will make cats interested. Once the cat is interested, drink a lot of water.
    01 In fact, for many friends, if the cat does not want to drink water in life, we can directly pour the water in our cup to the cat. In general, cats will feel particularly happy and drink a lot of water directly.
    02 When we wash our feet and soak our feet, cats always come over and smell it. After all, cats are particularly interested in the water in the large basin, and we can also prepare a large pot for the cat.
    03 According to a large number of practice, it is found that cats are particularly interested in water with temperature. Generally, the cat has a temperature of water, and the cat will drink a lot.
    04 In real life, some cats may not have much interest in boiling water. At this time we can prepare tea that cats like to drink on the cat, such as cat mint and so on. Generally, cats are particularly happy after drinking these water.

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