3 thoughts on “Where to buy cats in Qingdao is more reliable? What should I pay attention to?”

  1. It's very simple. If you find one near your home, you can save money, but you can save a car money, but remember to go to know more about the market first, otherwise you will buy it blindly. Friends in Qingdao want to buy a blue cat in Qingdao and ask my opinions. I said that the average blue cat is worth 1,000 yuan in Qingdao. He doesn't believe it, saying it is impossible. The pet shop says 3,000 yuan. I said that if you want to buy blue cats in Qingdao, there is a video, I have to watch, the name is: Qingdao low -cost pet tutorial. After he watched it, he told me that according to the prompt of the video, he really bought a blue cat of 1100 yuan. Although it is not as cheap as I said, it is more than 3,000 yuan, which saves 1900 yuan. Very happy. If you want to buy cats in Qingdao, you must watch this video to avoid buying high -priced cats. I hope this answer will be helpful to you without thanks.

  2. If you want to buy a cat, you can actually buy many places, and there are many stray cats on the street. Pay attention to hygiene.

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