2 thoughts on “How much is the newborn puppet cat?”

  1. The puppet cats are the most expensive. Generally, the price of the puppet cats of the formal cat houses is more than 10,000.

    The price of puppet cats is determined by many aspects, and the puppet cat's age, gender, color, bloodline, bone mass and other factors are determined. The puppet cat has three colors: dual -color, gloves, and key colors. These patterns are divided into 6 colors: seal colors, blue, chocolate, light purple, red, and milk. All colors can be added with Bobcat patterns on the face.

    If judgment according to the color, the two colors are the most expensive. Generally, the price of the two -color puppet cats of the formal cat house is more than 10,000. Low. Generally speaking, puppet cats are divided into pet -level, blood -level, and competition levels. Pure species and impurities have obvious differences in personality and appearance.

    The price of pet-grade puppet cat kites on the market is between 3000-8000 yuan, blood-level puppet cat kitten price between 3500-6000 yuan, competition-grade puppet cat kitten price More than 8000-200,000 yuan, the priced puppet cats are usually not recommended to buy.

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