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  1. Think about what the dog is lost.
    Understand the size and physical condition of the dog.
    In around the dog lost in the dog, designated the scope of finding. Banli, one mile, or five miles, you will decide from you.
    In the dogs in this range, what are the places where dogs may find partners, comfort, and food. Then go to these places to ask if anyone has seen it.
    Make a eye -catching, big dog search, stick the dog's photos, detail descriptions, the precautions of the dog, your phone and name, and then print the 'reward' to attract attention. Poster electronic notice in the forum, post bar and other places. Putting paper notice within the search range, especially in places with many people and pedestrians, such as traffic pillars, park entrances, community entrances, parking lots, restaurants, etc. Posted by email to friends to promote.
    The dogs may be led by others, or they are sent to pet hospitals, pet shops, and shelters, so you should go to these places to ask, don't be shy, ask people! Everyone asked for a notice in order to use it in the future.
    It another way is to advertise to expand publicity through the power of the media. If you do this, you may receive some calls. Some people may have bad attempts. You have to polish your eyes and identify authenticity. We must also strengthen their confidence and live optimistic.

  2. Cats do not need to go outdoors like dogs, which also reduces their chances of loss. But sometimes when the owner is negligent, you forget to close the doors and windows, and the cat may run out of this vacant. This is undoubtedly a bad news for the owner, and it is not a simple matter to find a cat who is lost. This requires the owner to have enough patience and persistent efforts.
    First of all, let's talk about what are the possible causes of cats
    1. Curiosity about the outside world: cats are rarely going out, so it is easy to be attracted by some outside things, so when they find leading to leading to the lead, they find that they lead to leadership. The outside channel will choose to find out.
    2. A frightened and fled: It may be because I hear some loud noises, or some other stimulating factors, escaped because of panic.
    3. In estrus: Cats in estrus are the easiest to escape. For cat owners of this period, they must protect them.
    In the best time to find a cat
    The golden time for the cat to find within 3 days. To a large extent, cats may still be near home. If they are not too far away, you can find nearby corridors or corners. 7-10 days after the loss, it is still important to recover the cat. Cats are still nearby and will not go far. If there are stray cats around, you can find it nearby. After 7-10 days, if the cat can't find a place to eat and drink nearby, you may choose to go farther, so the probability of recovery will be reduced, but it is not impossible.
    In first to make some cat search revelations, it is necessary. After all, after more people pay more attention, the chance of looking for will be a lot higher. Choose color photos as much as possible when attached to the photo, so that the corresponding features can be more obvious. In addition, you can ask the surrounding security guards, cleaning aunts, and Aber and Auntie who often go out to exercise. After all, the frequency of their activities and people who contact are relatively more, and the chances of recovery will increase.
    Whats of cats usually go to
    usually cats choose relatively quiet places to inhabit, so cats generally do not appear in a dense area of ​​the crowd. You can pay more attention to the relatively quiet places such as floors, pipelines, garages, and basements. In addition, flowers and shrubs, especially people where people rarely walk through, cars and air -conditioning pipelines are ventilated. Relatively warm in winter and cool, it is also a place where cats love to hide.
    In the way to find
    Cats are usually hiding in places below our sight, so try to focus on low places when looking for. Of course, some high places that are suitable for inhabiting can also pay attention to it. When looking for, you can call the cat's name, but do not shout continuously, so as not to cover your voice through the cat's response. You can also use some cat's usual toys to attract them, such as bells that usually play.
    D cats should not be too panic when the cat is lost. After discovering the cats, they should go out as soon as possible, because the cats may not go far during this period, it is the best time to recover. Of course, even if you do n’t recover for a few days, do n’t give up easily. I believe that there will be a certain gain after posing the enlightenment of cats. In short, persistence is the only way to retrieve the cat.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. If the pet runs out of the house by itself, you can find the route that often takes pets to take a walk. Pets are very sensitive to odor, and often walk along the marked route you have donenIf you walk on your way with pets, you can find it nearby. Because pets generally pay attention to the host’s whereabouts and will not run awaynIf the pets have been lost for a long time, it is recommended to carry revelation. You can concentrate on the community or where the pets are often brought to the place where you are allowed to go.nWithin an hour or two, you can help friends who are familiar with pets as much as possible. Some pets are naughty. They like to play with other people's pets and forget to find the owner. This time I just lost, it is also a golden timenFind information through the owner's group, pet group, etc. Because acquaintances and people who often raise pets are more sensitive to pet information, and it is easy to help findnAsk the kitten to move to the new home and never take her out.nAnswer If the above methods are not effective, you can finally try a large local forum to publish information. Because there are a large number of users in the forum, as long as the information is sufficient, many users in the forum must be a powerful assistant to findnThe above are more practical to find pets. Of course, it is best to lose and recover. But it is best to bring the traction rope, or press the collar with positioning, thank younQuestion how to find a local forumnGo there to post informationnAnswer, if it is an estrus period, people will not grab themselves, it will return in a few days, thank younQuestion because I still want to go to work at night, I ’m afraid that no one will open the door after I’ m afraid she will come back. What should I do?nAnswer you can leave a window to open so that it will go innMore 11nBleak

  4. Cats are animals that are easy to run away from home, especially cats that are raised in the same period of estrus, and they are easy to get back. How to quickly find your cat after finding a cat?
    First of all, the owner should find it in the place where the cat often comes out. Cats are cautious and timid animals. After finding that it is not seen, the owner can call his name softly, and then find it carefully along the corner of the house along the stairs in the aisle of the floor. In order to prevent cats from being frightened and hidden, they must be slowly slowly when they call the cat's name.
    Secondly, if there is no trace of cats in the corridor, the owner can appropriately expand the scope of the search to find places in the nearby residential buildings, grassland, and garbage dumps. When you look for it, you can call his name softly, and then hold the cat's favorite food in his hand, so that the cat can smell the fragrance of the food, and then take the initiative to appear, and then the owner is taking the cat home.
    After some efforts, the owner still did not find the lost kitten. Then, the owner can post a cat revelation near the community, post photos of cats on the inspiration, clear the most obvious features of cats, and must leave their contact information at the bottom. At the same time, say hello to the security guards and neighbors of the community. If you encounter your pet cat, you must keep the cat first, and then notify you in time. Relying on everyone's power to help them find cats, I believe that the owner can quickly find the kitten who is lost.

  5. In life, the kittens are lost. Many owners can find them again, but many cats cannot find it. We all know that when cats are in a strange environment, they are afraid of nervousness. They will get farther and farther away from home because the owner thinks it is lost. However, many cats can find them home with their own memories.
    For parents, once you find that the kittens are lost, you must find it in a timely time in the nearby places. Like the places where cats are going to, and where the cat likes to stay, you should find it carefully. If you still can't find it many times, then what parents can do is wait. I hope that cats can get home through their own memories.
    Parents need to pay attention that cats' personality is very independent, they will be poverty and love the rich. If parents are usually not good for it, do not warm it well, and are often beaten and insulting by the owner, then cats may run away from home. Wanderers are looking for a new life and new owner. Therefore, don't let the cats lose, parents should do a good job of care, and they should be fair to the cats in life. Don't spoil but don't insult and beat them at will.

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