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  1. There is an abnormal odor. It is an unhealthy manifestation. It is more common in cats with poor gastrointestinal digestive function, because each cat's digestive ability is different. Among them, cats are carnivorous animals, and so is the same. Normal digestion of cats will have odor, and it will be very harmful to the stomach and intestines in the long run. So what should I do?

    . Poor gastrointestinal digestion
    This is too supportive. Eat the stomach every meal and the stomach is not easy to digest. Therefore, it causes stinks; the weather is cold and hot, the food is easy to deteriorate, and the cats who eat metamorphic and expire will also be thinner. Of course, this possibility is not ruled out. Cats can feed some honey water and lubricate the cat's intestines.

    . The choice of cat food
    The food for eating is too greasy, there are many cat food on the market, and the cat food of meat contains more fat. The grease cannot be diluted by the intestine digestion. The stool that is pulled out will be stinky. When this happens, first fast for the cat for 8 hours to allow the cat's stomach to rest, and the digestive system will be automatically repaired. It is recommended to buy natural cat food for cats. However, it is not possible to eat cat food for cats for a long time. Occasionally, it is also possible to give cats and millet porridge and minced meat. If you want a cat to restore your previous stomach as soon as possible, give cats to eat meals to use probiotics to help digestion and quickly restore the intestinal tract. Flock disorders. Because cat food does not contain water, eating dry cat food for a long time will lack water and constipation; put clean water next to cat food, so that cats will develop good eating habits.

    . The infringement of parasites
    Paping is very common when parasitic infection. Most cats will be infected with parasites. There are several types of parasites. Cats will affect the normal daily life of the cat; you can use (worshiping the Qing Dynasty) to repel deworming. Therefore, when cats are three months old, they need to be deworming and vaccination in the body. After that, they are driven every three months and driven every three months. The parasites will also cause cats to cause cats. It is a parasite, but if the above symptoms occur, there are eight or nine, and there are no worms that have not been driven by their own cats. Removing and vaccination are a guarantee agent to the health of the cat.

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