4 thoughts on “How to decorate pet parks?”

  1. First, the main materials
    1. It is recommended not to pave the solid wood flooring to avoid pets from scraping. Tiles are a good choice; it is recommended to apply the indoor walls that pets will touch with water -washed wall paint. Some pets like to rub the walls, and the walls will turn black after a long time; if you have a yard at home, it is best not to spread stones on the road to prevent pets from bringing it into the house.
    2, the other is sofa, bed, cabinet, etc. as possible to leave a smaller gap as possible so that pets cannot crawl in; if the sofa is fabric, it is recommended to choose easy -to -maintain materials (such as ultra -fine/ultrafine fibers), and also You can put on a sofa and towel. If there are plants indoors and within the range of pets, the area of ​​the soil should be as small as possible.
    . The use of electricity
    This pets like small holes, such as sockets. They like to grab and lick with their tongues, these are very dangerous behaviors. Therefore, a pet with a pet with a safety cover is necessary.
    . Soft furnishings
    1. The trash can must be covered, especially when the pet breeding area is set in the kitchen, the lid of the kitchen trash can should be covered;
    2. It is best not to use or minimize as much as possible Using rugs such as rugs, otherwise it is difficult to clean the vomit and excreta of pets;
    3. If there are plants indoors and within the scope of pets, the area should be as small as possible.
    . Set a gaming area for pets
    Is when planning, you can use partition walls, lockers, etc. to add aisle design to allow pets to have a playground that is not greasy.
    5. Planning pet line
    The pet line of pets is different from human movement lines. Considering the freedom of people's movement, you can install a small door on the door and let pets find your own movement freely. Wire. You can also dig a hole on the door to let pets enter and exit freely.
    6. Other
    1. Window design: deodorizing ventilation
    2. Balcony design: Sunshine warm
    3. Wall material: Remember not to use wallpaper
    4. , Easy to clean floor tiles. It is best not to use the carpet
    5. Choose a unique pet bed

  2. You can decorate some toys that help pet activities, you can also place some slides, you can also place some ladder, you can also set up some ladders. You must build a toilet area and residential area, as well as play areas. Decoration.

  3. You can put it around with wallpapers, and the ground can be half -leak, half of the solid wood. You can leave a small window to keep ventilation. You can give the dog a furniture for dinner.

  4. To cultivate a very cartoon style, you can attract many people, and you can also feel very warm and active and strong. You can choose yellow. It looks particularly beautiful. You should buy some very cute soft outfits.

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