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  1. 1. When the new cat arrives at home

    The stage of the new cat at home, the cat is sensitive and nervous at time, and even choose to hide or escape, and even stimulates health. Therefore, I generally recommend that in this case, a brief cage can be used to allow cats to quickly familiarize with the environment and members of the new home, and it can also safely spend this stage. The shoveling officer can also take the opportunity to observe the cat and health status, whether there are ear mites, cat moss and the like! After gradually getting familiar with interaction, you can try it out.

    2. Cat is sick

    Cats can play a very good role in the case of trauma and infectious diseases need to be isolate. The Garfield in the family was particularly serious for a while. I was easy to observe for shaving the whole body for easy medicine. Moss recovery). At this time, I chose cage care and closed it directly for half a month. n
    Cats like to move the kitten after giving birth, move around, and give the prepared five -star confinement delivery room. At that time, it was a big winter, so I was afraid that the little milk cat would be frozen! I got a cat villa directly and moved the family in, so I was confinement with peace of mind.

    n cage recuperation loose nourishment = human cat harmony

    The whole family is a senior shit officer a large cat room for cat raising. This situation is not in the discussion scope of this article, There are always shoveling officers, like me, although I support the goodness of the cats in all aspects of the cat, but it is just impossible to achieve the harmony of human cats, so I think it is necessary to recommend the model of cage and free -range recuperation with you. Our family is scattered during the day cage in the evening.

    1. Do not imagine the cage as a prison

    although the ancestor of the cat lives in the wild, since the pet cat becomes a human partner, it must be gradually adapting to the indoor room of human beings. living environment. Since we must understand the rules with human beings, we should help them develop good habits so that we can get along in harmony with us. So I called the cat at night to sleep as a good habit.

    2. Give it some time

    It in the cage at night, it takes time, and the shovey officer will cooperate, just like teaching children to eat by themselves. Habit. Our cats closed the cage for three days at night, and the fourth day would not make trouble. Now that we are sleeping at night, when I hear me walking to the cage, it will consciously run into the cage.

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