What should I pay attention to when raising golden bears? Masters?

I bought a pair of golden bears today, I haven't raised it? What should I pay attention to? How can I let them know me? Please help me help me?

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  1. 1: Preparation before raising the rats

    In the purchase of the little hamster. At the same time, I also need to add some hamster products to her. What should I do? n
    1 Rat iron
    silk mesh glue cage
    iron wire mesh glue cage. It is the most common and cheapest in mouse cages. There are rotors in the cage. All. Washing is also very convenient. It is also suitable for summer use. The only disadvantage is that it is easy to produce iron green. It is time to use in winter. The insulation effect is poor

    2 food utensils
    n3 drink water bottles r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
    The mice need to drink water! So please help him prepare water heaters and clean water! Don't drink it from the water pipe from the water pipe. What kind of water do you drink, you can give him what kind of water to drink, otherwise the rat can easily diarrhea and die. R n
    5 teeth rods
    The teeth of the rat will continue to grow, so the molar rod is needed to help the teeth grind over long teeth, otherwise it will cause food difficulties, which will cause death! There are many types of gaunting rods, including long -strips mixed grains and molar rods made of honey. R n
    6 Bathing powder
    If the bath powder, you can make it yourself.
    In the fine gauze first, then filter it with gauze, and then leave the filtered sand, heat it with a microwave oven for about 1 minute. The specific time is made by the sand soil. It can be used after cooling.

    # If the cage space is large. You can add a mouse toilet. The rat will be concentrated in the toilet box. It is more convenient to clean the cage
    2: The food of the hamster

    Berbid food

    greens (such as Qingjiang vegetables), carrots, melon (green and yellow vegetables)

    Sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts (don't give too much)

    fruit category n apples, strawberries, cherries, bananas, grapes (please do not give too much because of sugar More)

    The feed of chicken, dove feed, birds, wheat, corn, millet
    n Dandelion, Ge class, front grass

    animal protein
    's protein, cheese, milk, germinated, small worms, pets with small fish dried

    Note: Harmful foods

    fruit category
    almonds, plums, pipa, peaches, water dense peaches, apples (can cause heart paralysis, gastrointestinal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders , Difficult to breathe)

    Onion, onion leaves (will destroy blood components), garlic, ginger, leek, celery (too stimulating) tomato and potato leaves and stem

    The plant
    The fairy, tulip, glory flower, rhododendron, orchid, puppet, cashish, ferns, seshella, oranges, bellflower, sheep tooth, Elis

    other types of categories
    Human snacks, biscuits, chocolate, coffee (these two foods can cause heart paralysis), wine
    3: and hamster as friends

    rat only trusts his mother and brothers and sisters. For other similar and strangers, they will be more sensitive and nervous. They may even bite each other. So the first two weeks when the new owner takes the rat home is the most Important moments. If you can't get his trust at the beginning, it will be more difficult to teach in the future. There is a timetable below. You can adapt to the new environment
    n# rn第1天先让他习惯新环境,完全不要骚扰他rn第2天可用手直接餵他吃东西,及轻声地跟他说话.让他熟悉你的声音及气味r n, 3 to 5 days, you can try to pick him up directly with your hands
    , you can hold him out on the table 6 to 14 days, and then gently touch his back with your fingers
    After 14th day, after 14th day You can hold him out to play

    #Holding rats

    This mouse does not like to be harassed. So when you want to pick him up, you must be sure that he is sober
    . If you want to catch him from the cage. It is best to remove his nest first so that he can see you. Then gently hold his entire body with your hands
    When you hold it, you should be soft and not too strong. Or grab the body hard. He will be frightened and bite your hand
    for safety for safety. When you and the mice are still familiar with. You can wear gloves to prevent being bitten
    Young rats need a sense of security. So it's easy to be frightened and break free. So do not grab the rats in your hands for too long. Wait for him to train slowly

    #The correct grasp of the hamster
    pinching the fat on your back and holding it in your palm. Psychological preparations]
    Rats are small animals with life, so please do not blindly raise before you make enough psychological preparation
    Is it raised?
    2. Does your family oppose you to raise small animals?
    3. Can you guarantee that someone takes care of the mouse when you go out for a long time?
    4. Can you guarantee not to abandon it after the original freshness. Can you find the right adopter when you cannot continue breeding?
    If you are not sure about the above points, it is recommended that you do not raise it.

    [How to choose a rat]
    On how can I choose a relatively healthy mouse? There are several ways here for your reference:
    1. You must choose a mouse with no eyes and no eyes.
    2, see if there is a runny nose in the mouse, do not pick any.
    3, whether the shape of the ears is intact, is there any traces of being bitten? If it is said that the mouse is too weak or sick and is bullied by other mice.
    4, the teeth did not reach out, if there was an abnormal occurrence of the bite.
    5, hair color is shiny, no hair loss or tumor.
    6, the tail should not be wet, or the dirt with poop is not good near the anus, indicating that the mouse may have diarrhea.
    7. It is not normal when walking. Is there a rigid feeling? If it looks good, there should be no problem.
    . In the end, choose a mouse you like. In addition to hairy color, you must consider seeing whether it will be close to others.

    In general, the golden mouse and Garcalia rats are easy to get close during a period of time. Roberovsky is a very timid and sensitive animal in itself, so it may take more time to gain its trust in you.
    As for raising one, it is better to be a pair. Basically, if it is a Dorov Cang Rat, it is better to raise two or more. If it is a golden mouse, it may be possible to raise one. It is better to separate it if you want to raise one pair. When you want to mate and reproduce, put the female rats into the cage of the male rat, and then separate after mating.

    [Rat breeding environment]
    The most suitable temperature is 20-28 ° C. Avoid direct sunlight or directly blown by strong wind, but pay attention to ventilation and ventilation. Don't be from TV, audio, computers are too close, rats can hear the sounds that humans can't hear, avoid radiation and noise.
    Summer: It is best not to turn on the air conditioner, because when you go out of the air conditioner when you go out, and the air conditioner in the house will make the temperature difference in the house too large, the mouse is very sensitive to temperature and easy to catch a cold.
    Winter: Do not put it outdoors, the mouse will hibernate because it is too cold. Pafe wood chips and other cushions are used for mouse or grasshoppers for warmth. Or give some napkin paper for the mouse to make a nest. The easiest way is to put the cage in the carton or plastic box, but pay attention to breathable.

    [Basic supplies for rats]


    Most cages have their own pots. If you need to buy it yourself, the general small container can be selected. As long as it is not easy to overturn, and the edges should not be too high, otherwise the rat can't climb in. Commonly used containers: glass pan cylinder, soy sauce plate, various small bowls, microwave oven box. The current price: 3-10 yuan

    The water heater
    The water heater in most cages, it is best to install one when DIY, because the mouse needs to drink water. The average design of the water drink is stainless steel beads. Pay attention to whether to test whether the test is leaking when buying. Do not take a bowl of water directly, because the mouse will get wet when drinking water, or go in to swim, it is easy to get sick. There is no more vegetables and fruits for rats.

    The toilet
    Plip -made plastic boxes are relatively simple toilets. Take out the cat litter or replace it every day, which is based on personal hygiene habits. Rats raised by people who love clean people are also more clean.

    The bath room
    It rats will use cat litter in the toilet. Although it is not hygienic, this is the preference of the mouse. At this time, the bathroom is no longer needed, but some The mouse loves cleanliness, and the owner should buy it for a bath room, put the bath sand to let the rats roll and play. If you want to use the disinfection of the bath sand, you can also wash the fine sand yourself, disinfect and dry it in the microwave oven, and mix it with refreshing powder to make bath sand. It is best not to use cool body powder directly, because the irritation is too strong, it is easy to hurt the eyes of the rat.

    The running wheel
    most of the cages comes with a running wheel. Because the wild mouse has to run 20 kilometers a day, the appropriate amount of exercise is very important for the mouse, no no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no mouse, no, no, no, no. In sufficient exercise, the mouse will be under too much pressure and acting with each other, bite the cage and other behaviors. So the careful owner should give the rats a running wheel. At the same time, because the current owner's nutrition for the mice is very good, it often makes the mice excessively obese, and it is easy to make the mice have cardiovascular disease. Therefore, even the mouse should have a normal and healthy body. When buying, you should pay attention to the seamless running wheel, so that the rat is not easy to hurt. Current price: 10-80 yuan

    Wood chips
    The materials can be used as mouse cage materials, but most people choose wood chips because it is relatively clean and easy to get. When using paper cushions, pay attention. Do not choose printed paper. The ink is toxic and the mouse will be poisoned.

    Masing teeth/grinding rods
    The teeth of the rat will continue to grow, so you need to use the molar rod to wear off the long teeth.

    has ceramics, wooden, grass, plastic, and mice that are very liked, because the mice are animals living in holes. It should be equipped with a hut for mice. Current price: 10-45 yuan


    When taking the hamster home, because it left the environment that has been living, leaving the mother and brothers and sisters, There will be a relatively sensitive, nervousness and loss of tension for a long time. Sometimes they will bite, dazed, refuse to eat, etc. This period is a critical period for you and rats to build trust. If you build a good relationship, it may be that your mouse will become a bad rats that have been biting! There is a timetable below, don't be anxious, get along with your mouse a little:

    Day 1: Let it adapt to the new environment, do not harass it at all, do not touch it, let alone put it on it, don’t take it to it Take it for
    2: You can feed it with your hand, speak softly to it, and let it familiarize your smell and sound
    Day 5: You can gently hold it up and put it in your palm ( Don't let it fall or run)
    : I can enjoy it with it

    Is when holding the hamster: sleeping hamsters do not like to be harassed, so when you want to you want Before holding him, it must be sober. You should first open its nest so that it can see you, and then gently pick it up. If it is unwilling, don't force it.

    [Food of Rats]
    The dietary food:
    Vegetable greens (such as Qingjiang vegetables), carrots, melon (green and yellow vegetables) seed categories Sunflower, peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts (do not give too many) fruits, strawberries, cherries, bananas, grapes (please do not give too many sugar) cereals , Corn, Xiaomi Plant Sanye, Dandelion, Ge, Beef Beef, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Cheese, Milk, Vincanic, Small Worm, Pets
    If feeding volume: The amount of food for hamsters is prone to more or less, because hamsters have the habit of storing food, and it will be disturbed if the food is less. Therefore, if you find that the food basin is always empty every time you add food, it means that the food is added too little. At the same time, you should pay attention to cleaning up the food that has not been eaten in time, especially the fruits such as water to prevent deterioration.
    The mating and reproduction of hamsters:
    The world of hamsters is a maternal society, so the mouse should be put in the mouse's cage. The same is true for foreign princes.
    Most of the hamsters will be nervous when they first meet. The owner suggested that the venue of the blind date (built -in space) is larger, so that there is room for breathing. Otherwise, you will see, chasing one, one flat, one or two rushes. However, some shots and coincidences, some need to make persistent efforts.

    If determination that the mother and rat are pregnant, it is recommended to divide the husband and wife. Because some mouse's temper will become quite irritable and unstable, and may bite the male rat. If you still get along well, you will not be distinguished. However, sometimes the mouse wants to mate again, which will lead to the possibility of mouse abortion.
    The pregnancy is about 17-21 days. The signs of the early ‘mid -term appearance are not obvious, and it will only significantly appear in the later period. When you discover the signs, you usually give birth to

    . Before fast production, clean the cage clean and replace it with a new mat. So you can put more)

  2. Do not make the cage. The leading wire should be. The bears belong to the rodent and love the teeth. It is best to raise in a big fish tank. I love vegetables, peanuts, and breed quickly. Don't let them bite you at first, don't take a bath often.

  3. Be sure to give them sufficient food and water in time, otherwise they will bite each other, and pay attention to cleaning the wet wood chips that are cleaned. They will understand what you call them. I am also raising. Soon, it is larger than ordinary hamsters. You have to give them tooth rods, as well as fruits and vegetables. Do not feed tomatoes, rice, and people have snacks. They sleep during the day and night. When you bite you, you will find that they are too cute and very human, and I wish you a happy relationship with you.
    This are my experience, I hope to help you.
    PS: One of my classmates's bears was choked to death because I fed the whole peanut.

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