5 thoughts on “Will cats bite?”

  1. Cats are like dogs like dogs!
    First of all, the current pet cats are docile and sticky kittens most of the time. They also love their cat slaves. So sometimes you play with cat slaves!
    Secondly, when you are playing, the cat is happy for a while and will show his teeth. Gently bite the owner's fingers, but they will not bite hard.
    At the end, but the cat will bite the host's hand when he is angry or revenge on the owner. At this time, they are angry, so they will bite the bite bleeding.

  2. Bite is a cat's hunting instinct. Cats mainly rely on claws and teeth when living in nature. This is the habit of a cat, and it will not change quickly because of being raised at home. Therefore, from time to time, cats need to practice their own ability, such as grinding claws, and biting people naturally is also a way to practice this ability. If the shovel officer is holding the cat, the cat may practice the shoveling officer as a prey. But in fact, most cats will not bite shovel officers.

  3. Cats will bite people when they are afraid.
    Because the cat is afraid, he will feel that you will hurt him again, so in order to protect himself, he will bite people. And it will also catch people.

  4. Cats will bite, but it is different from dog bite. Dog biting people is aggressive, and most of the cat bite people play with the owner, not really biting.
    This Cats usually occur when they feel very nervous, anxious, and angry, especially when the owner feels the cat's belly and limbs such as sensitive parts.

  5. Feeling threats
    Cats are alertly animals. Once they feel threatened, they will enter a state of warning. At this time, cats will become very fierce. If you tease it, it will be easy to bite you with you One bite.

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