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  1. Twelve constellations are the most suitable cats or dogs
    different people have different personalities. Of course, different cats or dogs will have different personalities like humans, so the twelve constellations are most suitable for raising. What is a cat or dog? Let's take a look together!
    The cat or dog that is most suitable for raising 12 constellations 1, Cancer: Pomeranian
    Cancer is cautious and sensitive, and more emotional. The coquettish Bomei dog can establish a close relationship with Cancer!
    2. Scorpio: Alaska
    The people in Scorpio are deep and restrained, strong but kind, kind and kind, mysterious and calm, the alert and loyal and tender Alaska are the most suitable!
    3. Pisces: Labrado
    The people in Pisces are conscious and like fantasy things. They are simple and kind and willing to dedicate. Personality is very flattering, the two are perfect!
    4. Sagittarius: The Eight Brother Dog
    The optimistic and enthusiastic Sagittarius actually has a moment of soft and emotional heart. They are rational, careful, lively and cute, and the simple and pure heart is very matched! The two belong to the physical fitness!
    5. Aries: Barrier
    Aries likes to engage in tight adventure, and it is full of hope, kindness, vitality, so lively, and vibrant and freedom. Fate!
    6. Leo: Border Shepherd
    Leo is strong in self -esteem. He likes to think about sovereignty, and smart loyal loyal shepherd dogs in line with the hobbies of the Leo people! The two are smart, and they are living a life of wisdom and bravery. It is also interesting to think about it!
    7. Aquarius: German Mu
    The `character of Aquarius is tolerant, friendly, charity, independent hobbies and freedom of Aquarius. Stable and smart German Mu is the best choice!
    8. Libra: Husky
    The idealism, strong social wrist, meticulous and elegant Libra and elegant Husky are the most fitted, can wipe out a lot of unexpected sparks, Husky's social ability and face value are online online Ah, the destructive power is extremely strong, but it still has become a unique one among many dogs by relying on its own clear brain circuit, which is welcomed by many people! This social ability is great!
    9. Gemini: Chow Chow
    Gemini's personality is diversity, has a lot of interest in new things, cheerful Gemini, smart and cute, independent, cute, elegant, and elegant The most suitable for Chow Chow!
    10. Capricorn: Tibetan mastiff
    Capricorn people are actually smart, ambitious but reliable, unyielding, and have a calm personality in Tibetan mastiff, strong willpower, and Capricorn, which are strict with strict self -requirements!
    11. Taurus: Samoyed
    Samoyed is smart, beautiful, elegant, and adaptable. Ye Xihuan took the initiative and was enthusiastic. He liked to stick to the owner. Samoyed was the best partner of Taurus!
    12. Virgo: Golden Retriever
    Golden retriever's personality is friendly, reliable and loyal high, Virgo is the pursuit of perfectionist, the mind is clear and practical, the appreciation power is high, and only golden retriever can meet the Virgo Requirements!
    This of the most suitable cat or dog for the twelve constellations 2, Cancer: Scottish folding ear cat
    Sipland folding ear cats have a sweet and sweet personality, just stay quietly without making disturbing sounds. , Like to stay with the owner, you need to accompany you.
    . Leo: Persian cats
    Persian cats have sensitive response, less movement and quiet, noble temperament, and strong environmental ability. I like to sleep alone on the floor, a proud cat.
    three, Aries: Siamese cat
    Siamese cat has a strong character, curiosity, and loyalty to the owner and deep feelings. If it is forced to separate from the owner, it may die depressed and die.
    . Libra: Puppet Cat
    This cats are gentle and quiet, very friendly to people, because they are beautiful and elegant, they are also called "fairy cats".
    Five, Taurus: Russian blue cat
    Russian blue cat personality is quiet and shy, afraid of giving birth, unwilling to go out. The cry is soft and sweet, the feelings are rich and docile, and they trust the owner and like to please the owner.
    . Sagittarius: Norwegian forest cats
    Norwegian forest cats are independent, clever and alert, cautious action, like adventure and activities, can catch good catch, climb trees and climb, and there is a "hunter". Essence
    Seven, Scorpio: Egyptian cats
    Egyptian cats are very smart and like responsible and caring masters. They are agile and fast, but they are not very friendly to strange cats of other varieties.
    . Aquarius: Turkey Angola Cat
    Angola cats are agile, mavericks, do not like people touching and holding. But I especially like to play water. I can swim in the stream or bath, which is very cute.
    Nine, Pisces: American rolling cats
    American curling cats are not only cute, but also always maintaining the innocence and naughty of kittens. They like to be coquettish to the owner.
    . Capricorn: Main Island Cat
    Man Island Cat is a kind of tailless cat, with a strong physique and longevity than other cats. And very smart, because the hind legs are longer than the front legs, so walking like a rabbit.
    Eleven, Virgo: British short hair cat
    is gentle and calm in English, friendly and easy to raise, and likes to get close to the owner, obediently lay on the owner's knee and sleep.
    . Twelve, Gemini: Mumbai Cat
    Mumbai cats are also called "Little Black Panther", but it has a mild temperament, rich feelings, clever, likes to affection with people, muscles are quite developed, and their movements are agile.

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