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  1. Can. But there are relevant regulations.
    . Relevant regulations
    1. Pets can be carried only when they enter China, only dogs and cats, each person is limited to one.

    2. Passengers declare and carry entry partner dogs and cats. If the official quarantine certificate and rabies immune certificate issued by the exporter (or region), or exceed the regulations, the customs will notify the port to move the port. The plant quarantine agency will temporarily detain dogs and cats. Passengers shall go through overseas procedures within the time limit prescribed by the portal animal and plant quarantine agency. If the overdue fails or the passenger statement will be automatically given up, it shall be deemed to be unmanned.

    3. The portal animation and plant quarantine organs will implement a 30 -day quarantine quarantine on the relevant partner dogs and cats at the designated place. The qualified dogs and cats who have been quarantine are allowed to enter the country with the quarantine certificate issued by the portal animals and plant quarantine agencies; the quarantine agencies are handled by the quarantine agency in accordance with relevant regulations.

    4. During the quarantine period, the breeding management of the partner dog and cat shall be responsible for the owner, or it is entrusted by the owner of the port to act as an agent. The costs involved in quarantine, breeding, and management shall be paid by the owner to the animal and plant quarantine agency.

    5. Passengers bring their partner dogs and cats to enter the country to violate the above provisions.
    . Basic process
    (1) Preparation for outbound exit abroad
    1. Must be vaccinated in a qualified pet hospital for a rabies vaccine, and apply for rabies immune certificate (rabies disease to vaccination certificate) r r r r r r r r r r r n 2. At least 7 days in advance to apply for and accept export quarantine to the animal quarantine center (animal epidemic), and apply for a quarantine certificate (output an epidemic certificate).
    (2) Entry China procedures
    1. Show my passport and the original foreign certification of foreign countries, and accept on -site quarantine.
    2. After the on -site quarantine is qualified, the pet is delivered to the specified animal and plant quarantine garden to accept isolation quarantine.
    3. After the quarantine is quarantined, I can get pets to the isolation field garden with the "Entry and Exit Personnel Carrying/Treatment Volume". However, in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, you can go through the free isolation procedures, and you can propose a pet home.

  2. There are two specific situations.
    . As far as I know, there are two cases:
    Is that are not involved in the inspection and quarantine departments need to be quarantined for 30 days, and no infectious diseases can be taken home within 30 days.

    All countries primary and second -level protection animals, as well as animals in the Washington Convention Appendix I, II, artificial breeding individuals of the above animals can be legally sold and raised abroad. If you want to bring the above animals back to China, the possibility is less than 5%. First of all, you need to have a legal source certificate, and secondly, you need to have a key protection of wildlife domestication and reproduction permits in China.
    The national key protection of wildlife domestication and reproduction permits
    The audit content: types of domestication, places, funds, technology, feed sources, etc.

    The audit basis: Article 5 of the Ministry of Forestry's "Administrative Measures for the National Key Protecting Wild Animals and Permits Licenses".

    The audit procedures: The local forestry department's external office acceptance → forestry verification, forestry bureau added opinions → municipal forestry authority plus opinion → provincial wild animals and plant natural protection stations for review and issuance.

    S submitted materials:
    (1) Written application;
    (2) Application form (one formula two copies);
    (3) Veterinary technical proof (veterinarian identity identity Certificate, technical certificate printing);
    (4) Feasibility reports (including technology, sources, venues, feed, etc.).
    The audit time: fifteen working days.
    In order to cooperate with the implementation of the "Wildlife Protection Law", my country has also promulgated a series of related legal normative documents. These documents mainly include: "National Key Protection of Wildlife List" and "Ministry of Forestry for the implementation of franchise hunting Notice of Capture Related Issues "," Administrative Measures for the National Key Protection of Wildlife and Reproductive Reproduction License "," Regulations on the Implementation of the Protection of Lu Sheng Wildlife Protection of the People's Republic of China "," Measures for the Management Fees for Protection of Land Wildlife Resources "," Forestry Forestry Industry " The Ministry of Public Security ’s regulations on the jurisdiction of the criminal cases of terrestrial wildlife and its appraisal standards", "The State Council's Emergency Notice on Strengthening Wildlife Protection Strict Campaign of illegal Crime Campaign", "Notice of the Ministry of Forestry on Strengthening the Management of Ostrich Aquaculture" The "Explanation of the Supreme People's Court on Destroyed Wild Animal Resources Criminal Cases of Criminal Cases of Criminal Cases", "Landlike Wild Animal List of the National Protection or Entrusted Economy and Scientific Research Value" and so on.
    In addition, my country has also joined or signed some related international conventions and agreements. For example, the International Convention on International Trade of Endangered Wild and Plants, "For the International Wetland Convention, Especially as a habitat of waterfowls", "Convention on Biological Diversity Protection" and "The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Japanese government to protect migratory birds and their habitat environment The Agreement of the People's Republic of China, the Agreement of the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Australian Government Protecting Migratory Birds and its inhabitation environment, etc.

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