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  1. Everyone who raises dogs knows that dogs like to eat animal internal organs, especially chicken liver, because chicken liver has a unique fishy smell. Some pet owners may not know the chicken liver, think that people can eat, and dogs can be eaten, so they will feed the dog for a long time. But most of the pet owners think that chicken liver is harmful to the dog's body. The following editors will analyze it, what kind of changes will chicken liver be on the dog's body? Is it beneficial or harmful?

    . The disadvantage of eating chicken liver for dogs:

    The nutrition of chicken liver is very rich, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin A, D, phosphorus, etc.,, etc. The nutritional value is extremely high and has a unique fishy smell. It is a kind of food that pet dogs like very much. Long -term consumption can cause excess energy of the dog, but cause problems such as dog obesity. Dog obese can cause a series of problems, such as increasing the incidence of diabetes, pancreatitis, and cardiovascular disease.

    The vitamin A accumulation in the body causes poisoning and inhibit the body's absorption of calcium. It is very serious if the long -term calcium deficiency is deficient. Pet dogs may cause coagulation dysfunction, bone development, and so on.

    . The benefits of eating chicken liver for dogs:

    clinical studies have found that some dogs that are prone to cold and diarrhea can eat more chicken liver. Because chicken liver is rich in vitamins, it can maintain the integrity of dog respiratory tract and digestive tract epithelium cells, help enhance physical resistance, and maintain dog health.

    . If the dog has a bad problem of picky and anorexia, we can prepare some chicken liver to stimulate the dog's appetite and allow it to slowly restore normal eating habits.

    The specific method: chop the chicken liver or grind the powder and mix it in the dog food (so that the dog cannot pick out the chicken liver, or soak the warm water) to guide the dog to eat dog food. Slowly reduce the amount of chicken liver, and gradually guide the dog to change the picky behavior.

    of course, chicken liver is very rich in nutrition. If your dog has poor physical fitness and lack of physical nutrition. For the health of the dog, it is also a very good choice to feed it some chicken liver Essence

    . How to feed:

    Generally speaking, if the dog's body is very strong, there is no malnutrition, and the bad problems of picking anorexia, then you can feed a small amount of chicken liver It usually feeds 1-2 times a month. If a healthy dog ​​still eats a lot of chicken liver every day, the consequences are also very serious, and the healthy dogs are unhealthy at any time!

  2. No effect, dogs that people can eat can be eaten.
    The chicken liver is the liver of the chicken of the family. One of the chickens. There are double leaves, and the leaf surface has bitterness and tendons (removed during processing). Its color is purple and tender. It should be braised and fried. Such as: braised chicken liver, fried chicken liver. Because of its rich nutrition and special effects, chicken liver becomes the best food for blood nourishing blood. The liver is an important organ for storing nutrients and detoxification in animals. It is rich in nutrients and has nutritional health care functions. It is one of the most ideal blood supplements. The source is the liver of the family chicken of the family.
    The nutritional value of chicken liver
    The chicken liver is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat, cholesterol, vitamin A, B vitamins and iron, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and other minerals. The most commonly used food in blood supplement.
    The edible effect of chicken liver
    1. Protecting the eyes
    The chicken liver has rich vitamin A, maintaining normal growth and reproductive function, protecting the eyes, maintaining normal vision, preventing dry eyes, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, fatigue , Maintaining healthy skin tone is of great significance to skin bodybuilding.
    2. Enhancement of immunity
    The chicken liver can enhance the human body's immune response, antioxidant, anti -aging, and inhibit the production of tumor cells.
    3. Improvement of the complexion
    The liver of animals is rich in iron. Iron is an essential element for red blood cells. Once lack, it will feel tired and white. Eating the liver of animal liver can make the skin rosy, so frequent food liver is also beneficial to skin health.

  3. Hello, feeding Pomek dogs ate a piece of creatinine, this should not be a problem. But I do n’t know how big you have for him to eat. If the number is large, you may support him and continue to observe.

  4. Small dogs should be eaten with dog food, and dog food already contains the balanced nutrition required by dogs.
    As for the chicken liver, you can eat it appropriately as a reward. Remember not to add salt. If it does not like to eat it, you can give a special pet snack.

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