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  1. There are five possibilities for dogs with eye feces:
    1, canine plague
    If the dog's eye feces, and the shape of the eyes are yellow pus, the nose also has purulent secretions, it may be a dog The former occurs in the puppies or the former. If the owner suspects this kind of reason, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.
    2, congenital eyelashes
    The dogs are born with long eyelashes, and long eyelashes stimulate the dog's eyes, causing eyeballs to secrete and produce eye shit. So regularly go to the pet hospital to help the dog remove the eyelashes.
    3, getting angry
    The dogs eat high salt or spicy food, which will stimulate the stomach and stomach, leading the dog to get angry. After getting angry, dog -eye feces will increase. Pay attention to cleaning up, wash your eyes with white chrysanthemum water or drink them directly, and then use some pet -dedicated eye drops. In order to avoid dogs from getting angry, do not feed too salty foods. Snacks can choose some duck drucky druck.
    4, congenital tear glands blocking
    The dog tear duct blocking makes the tears from entering the nasal cavity and causing tears to overflow, which is easy to occur on dogs such as bears and teddy dogs. Due to the oxidation of the amino acids of tears, the hair color of the dog's eyes is tan, that is, forming tear marks. Congenital lacrimal gland obstruction requires surgical treatment.
    5, inflammation
    If the dog's eyes are inflamed, the eye feces will increase. For example, corneal inflammation can also cause more eye shit.

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