5 thoughts on “Where is there a pet closet in Nanchong?”

  1. It is recommended that you go to 58 or catch up with the adoption, do not give the shelter! Do not give it! The state -owned public officers with a limited manner, coupled with the layers of the public officials of the black heart, use the money on the pets. Few, many garden friends and dogs have been starved to death or sold directly. You can use Qili canal on Baidu, where the dogs can only live for at most seven days! ~ So, do not give your pets to the shelter! I can find a way to continue to raise myself. After all, pets are also family members ... ask friends, thank you!

  2. Yes, it is adopted and rescued by the stray cats and dogs. With Sina Weibo certification blog, you can pay attention,@有 有 有 有 adoption and rescue, view the original post >>

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