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  1. Panbrookwells Corgi, is now a common breed in China. Corgi Courtyard British Bulberry, So what is an excellent Corgi dog like? What way should we understand? Today, I will take everyone to see!
    chooses Corgi
    In fact, the Cock dog is a variety of dwarfs, which may have hereditary diseases. The Corki Dogs Association stipulates that dogs used to reproduce must do: stable personality, restlessness that will not cause restlessness, normal hip and eyes, and unknown genetic defects.
    It with Corki dogs must do enough homework before choosing, do not buy impulses, look at more comparisons, choose the source carefully, do not use the price as the unique standard.
    The Corgi dogs with health and quality requirements should meet the following three points:
    . Whether the parents of the puppy have been certified by OFA to determine whether there is a good genetic disease. If the dog dad has OFA certification, the dog's mother does not have it, and think twice. If there is no way to distinguish the authenticity, you can check the official website.
    . Whether the center of the eyes is clear and healthy, or whether other healthy quality is checked by veterinarians to determine whether there is a genetic disease.
    . Whether the puppy's parents are scared of noise and whether the adaptation ability of the new environment is good.
    Mepatonal cobilization problem:
    1. Whether the price of three -color Corgi is higher than two -color Corgi?
    three -color Corgi and two -color Corgi should not have price differences, It is purely a problem of personal preferences. The so -called price difference should be reflected in problems such as the pedigree, body structure or personality of dogs.
    2. Corgi with a large bib (white -collar worker) and positive head (nasal line) is higher?
    Big bib (white -collar workers), positive head (nasal line) are only external performance, pure individuals I like, nothing to do, nor is it the element that determines the quality of Corgi. The proportion of good Corgi is more important.
    3. Corgi of fluffy hair (long hair) is cheap?
    According to AKC standards, fluffy hair is a serious error, and Corgi with this hair is mostly sold at a pet -level price. Essence
    4. The shorter the legs of the Corgi dog, the better the body?
    Corki dogs are not shorter and better. The shorter legs also have certain standards. It is impossible to bear the occurrence of joint diseases, and the thickness of the legs of the legs can easily affect its gait. Moderate bone mass is the standard. The longer the body, the easier it is to make the waist concave, but it is harmful to the lumbar spine.
    5. Parents are the competition level, will puppies must be the race level?
    not necessarily, the title of the male champion of the male and female champion dogs only means that the dog has a certain quality, and it does not mean that it will be able to reproduce high Quality puppies. Of course, the better the gene is, the greater the chance of the racing puppies.

  2. Choosing live waves, you can just like it. Dogs need to do a good job of deworming. The deworming in the body is degraded according to the accurate deworming time. After 12 weeks of the dog, the deworming deworm is repeated every 3 months after the dog is full, and the deworming is repeated every six months after adulthood. In vitro deworming is driven once a month, you can use lice to drive to kill. Devariack and vaccine must be carried out in the state of dog health!

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