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  1. San Bernard dog is a hunting dog. Can I ask San Bernard dog? Is the San Bernard dog raised? San Bernard is a hunting dog. Adult Santa Bernard can reach a large dog of about one meter. Personality is relatively wild, like sports, strong body. So many novices will inevitably feel bad to see such a big guy. So today's pet editor to comprehensively analyze the personality characteristics and feeding methods of Santa Bernard dogs. For parents for reference.
    ? First of all, let's see what advantages and disadvantages of Santa Bernard dogs?
    1. Let's look at the advantages of the St. Bernard dog: In fact, many people who have raised Santa Bernard said, don't look at him so tall and powerful. In fact, a very docile dog. I also like to play with children close to people. It is very suitable for home support. In rural or cities, they are worthy of choice. Another good is that it is very good for training. Born good at life. Even a relatively cold place can be adapted quickly.
    2. Let's talk about the shortcomings of Santa Bernard. In addition to the fierce appearance, because there are many wrinkles in its body, it is easy to hide dirt. Usually, the owner should pay more attention to cleaning the soles and other parts of the ears and feet. There are also the characteristics of drooling hair. We usually try to feed it as light as possible. It is best to choose healthy dog ​​food with low salt and low -fat high -protein. The life of the St. Bernard is relatively short, only about 10 years. And because of its genetic genetic problems. San Bernard is also prone to diseases and difficulty in treating.
    In after reading its personality characteristics, let's take a look at the attention of the usual feeding.
    1. First, in order to ensure our health and ensure that dogs and family live in harmony. We must choose dogs that have been vaccinated.
    2. If the puppy who just entered the house. Simple parents should not rush to take a bath. You can first see if there is an abnormal situation in San Bernard. Wash after the performance normally.
    3. Dogs also have their own habits. Just entered a new environment. We must also pay attention to observation and understanding. Slowly guide according to our living habits. Don't scold it without moving. While carefully maintaining it, it is also necessary to take care of its emotional suggestion trust.
    4. In terms of diet, Santa Bernard dogs also have taboos. For example, some parents like to eat raw protein for dogs. This is wrong. In fact, cooked eggs are its favorite. In fact, there are also our usual leftovers, spicy stimulating food, chocolate onions, etc. to avoid eating it.
    ? Overall it is very easy to raise. You can choose according to your preferences and your own situation.

  2. San Bernard is one of the pet dog varieties loved and appreciated. It has a large body and a very docile personality. Santa Bernard dogs are so good

  3. It is particularly good, very gentle for people, and very tolerant. I like to stay with my children. The stomach is very good.

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