3 thoughts on “Where can I buy a puppy in Chengdu?”

  1. This is simple, just go directly to Chengdu's pet market. Open your mobile phone map. It is clear at a glance, but I feel that you still need to understand the dog before buying a dog. Otherwise, it is easy to buy a high -priced dog. I lived in Chengdu for a while. At that time, I bought a Bomei. Because I did n’t understand, I bought 3800 yuan to buy Bomei. Occasionally a chance later, a good friend Xiao Li showed me a video, named: Chengdu low price buying tutorial. After watching this video given me by Li, I only knew that my Pomeranian, in fact, was only about 1500 yuan, and spent 2,300 yuan more. It's too pit. If you want to buy a dog in Chengdu, you must watch this video. So as you spend 3,800 yuan, you can buy Bomei, which is worth only 1,500 yuan. Hope my answer has a real help to you.

  2. It should be found to go to the local flower, bird, fish and insect market. If it is not found, people in the flower, birds and fish and insect markets will definitely know

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