3 thoughts on “How to eat canned beef”

  1. Since the canned food is opened and eats it directly. How to eat for the troops (add meat slices `` `adding rice cakes can choose Ningbo rice cakes, which are the kind of lack of flavor` also sliced ​​a piece of cheese `` A pack of instant noodles. The selling price is not very expensive, add some vegetables `` Vegetables, see what you like to put everything, then add some salt `` MSG `` `water to cover the ingredients` ` You can eat it)

  2. You ask a bit deep, I think about how to eat it. Essence Open the canned food, mix rice rice, it is best to have pig heart soup, invite three or five friends, and make a few bottles of beer. It is best to make a few dishes, and then just eat it like this!

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