1 thought on “How to trim the toenails of the dog to pruning the toenails of the dog”

  1. 1. Prepare tools, first prepare tools, choose other nail knives according to the dog's size. If the nails are large, it is recommended to choose a hollow sickle type. A suitable nail knife can not only quickly complete the nails, but also make the dog less frightened!

    2. Make the dog comfortable or divert attention. If it is a big dog, two people can be together when cutting my nails. One person comes to disperse the dog's attention, touch it, and the other person is cutting his nails while he doesn't pay attention to cutting his nails. If there is only one person cutting your dog's nails, please calm down the dog first, and then you can hold the dog in your arms and slowly give it nails.

    3. Pruning posture. When cutting the dogs, the owner can let the dog stand on the table and clamp the dog's head under the arm to prevent the dog from being injured when struggling. After the comfort, hold the nails to be cut with your hands, and then cut it quickly. At this time, if the dog is uncomfortable, the pet owner should stop to appease the dog and keep it quiet before continuing.

    4. Pruning length. The pet owner cannot save the nails very short, and the trimming length cannot reach the blood line. The dog's nails are white. You can see the obvious red part, which is the blood line. If the nails are black, the owner can put the dog's feet on the table and let the nails just touch the desktop. Don't be too short for the dog.

    5. Everyone knows that our own nails are very sharp just after cutting, and it hurts when it is tied to its own skin, and so is the dog's nails. Therefore, after trimming the dog, you can use sandpaper or other polishing tools to polish the edge of the dog's nails, so as not to scratch the dog's nails and affect the lives of the dog and his family.

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