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  1. Pet tree burial, pet burial, pet cremation, pet funeral, pet water burial and so on.
    The water burial is the older funeral method in the world, and the body of the deceased is about to cast in the burial method of rivers and lakes. Water is the source of human life. In many myths, water, god, happiness, beauty, and immortality are connected together. Therefore, when buried the dead relatives, people naturally associate with water burial. There are three different ways in the world: drifting corpse, riverside, and gray.

  2. First, the normal death of pets or non -infectious diseases can directly bury the dog, but you need to dug the pit to avoid other stray animals to dig out the body of the pet. Pets buried after cremation to avoid transmitting infectious diseases to other animals, and buried the pet deeper.

  3. Many cities now have professional pet cremation places. The cremation is the most suitable for pets. This can also prevent pet corpses from rotting or virus bacterial infections without causing environmental pollution. And when the pet leaves, you can also make a souvenir, so that you can look at it when you think about it, let the pet angels protect us in heaven.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. If the burial dog dies naturally, that is to say, after the age of age is growing, the death of the physical organs will not cause any virus and will not cause any threat. Dogs are buried directly under the big trees. This is more saved and very environmentally friendly. Basling the dog under a iconic tree. Take a look every year.主In thermalization, many owners now choose to send the dog to the funeral company after the dog dies. It can be cremated by these places. After getting the dog's ashes A better cemetery, and then buried the dog in this place so that the dog can rest in the ground. This approach is very good, but this approach requires a certain amount of cost.处 Third, give it to the doctor to deal with the death of a dog accident, such as some serious diseases, especially the deaths caused by virus infections, then the owner is better not to deal with the dog's body by himself, you can make it. The dog's body is directly handed over to the pet hospital doctors. Generally speaking, the pet hospital doctors will properly handle, which can prevent virus bacteria from infection. Therefore, when the dog dies, the owner must see how the dog loses his life, and then the targeted ones can be treated with the body of the dog. It is also disrespectful.

  5. Generally, it is to find a suitable place to bury or bury it after cremation, so that it is better to the dead animals; no matter what creature is lost, it will be corrupted on the environment.

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