How to make the dog live healthily and longevity ??

How can I make the dog live healthily and longevity ??

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    This pets, a large part of the reason is that they hope they can accompany us for a long time. We don't need dogs to see our home nursing homes for us, and we don't need their security to protect our safety. As long as they grow up and healthy, we grew up beside us. The life of pet dogs has been extended several times compared to stray dogs. If the breeding is good, pet dogs can even accompany us for 20 years. So how can we raise dogs healthier and let them accompany us for a long time?

    The first: Do not give the dog a lot of snacks
    The dogs are greedy, but it cannot pout, because it will directly affect the dog's health. The biggest disadvantage of dogs to eat snacks is to lead to littering and lose interest in staple food. Snacks pay more attention to taste rather than nutrition, so dogs eat more snacks, which will lead to lack of nutrition and poor physical development. The ultimate consequence is that the dog's body is not strong enough, it is more likely to get sick, and life will not be too high.
    It: Training dogs without picking things
    This Dogs do not turn the trash bin and go out without picking up things. It is very important. Dogs eat randomly, which is very easy to eat some toxic things by mistake, leading to poisoning. In addition to leading to poisoning, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal damage and cause long -term harm to dogs.
    Third: regular vaccine deworming for dogs
    Dogs are animals that often go out. The environment they contact is very complicated. Essence If you can't get a vaccine, do not do insect repellent, maybe you can't see any impact before the accident, but once something goes wrong, it is about the dog's life. I met an old grandma before. Her dogs were seven or eight years old, but they had died in the hospital for treatment of dog plague. Don't think that the dog is old, you won't get these contagious diseases.
    The fourth: Keep the daily daily exercise amount
    The biggest problem is insufficient exercise. Especially for medium and large dogs, insufficient exercise will seriously affect their health and spiritual conditions. Now that you decide to raise dogs, you should be responsible for them, and do not excessive restraint. On the one hand, you can exercise with a dog out, and on the other hand, you can make the dog social. Dogs such as social animals are very concerned about making friends out.
    Fifth: Maintain the appropriate weight
    The pet dogs now have one -third of the ten. The reason for the overweight is also very simple, nothing more than eating too much, too little exercise. If you want dogs to live healthy and longevity, you must control the weight of the dog in a reasonable range. The pet doctor has reminded me many times that keeping the animals in weight is to save them! After all, once the dog gets fat, all kinds of complications will follow, which seriously affects the life and life of the dog.

  2. To be honest, dogs have so many dogs, only one is sick,- =! Others are basically giving away, so there is basically no so -called longevity recipe for dog breeding, healthy diet, proper exercise, basically almost the same as us. The most important point is not to abandon it! This will not lose a good partner

  3. The secret of my GG longevity is that it loves drinking water and keeps walking for half an hour every day. And eating vegetables

  4. The dogs and people have a good relationship, and they are in a good mood. You don't scold him, beat him, pet him, he is happy every day, you are also happy, mainly don't bully him, really pull, my dog ​​has lived 15 The year old ,,,, are older than me

  5. If you want your own dogs to live longer, you have to treat yourself like yourself. You have to give the dog a free space every day.

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