4 thoughts on “The dog's sense of smell is so strong, why do you still lose?”

  1. In fact, there are news reports that can not be found around the world, even if they are found, their owners have found that their dogs have ran hundreds of kilometers. But we also know that the dog's sense of smell is much more sensitive than humans, so the problem is that if the dog has such a good sense of smell, why can't they go home with the sense of smell? Or can a dog really find the way home?

    Why do dogs have such a strong sense of smell? Can it smell the way home?
    Mobe is the dog's sense of smell?
    It data shows that the smell in the dog's nose is 40 times that of human beings. Depending on dog breeds, dogs' sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times human. The brain area that specializes in smelling is 40%more than humans, which indicates that their sense of smell is very sensitive. At the same time, the shape of the dog's nose, the mucus in the nose, and a special structure called the plow nose can help the dog smell more smell. In short, dogs' sense of smell on the street is much more sensitive than we think, and dogs are likely to find the way home through the sense of smell.

    how far can a dog smell?
    The weakest odor on the air, water, or the ground can be sniffed by the dog. According to the magazine of "My Water Earth", if the dog's smell function is good, it can even smell things at the depth of 10 meters underground. An experiment on the website shows that dogs can smell the feces of whales under the sea, so experts can collect precious ambergris. Therefore, if a dog is lost at home, it may smell the smell of the owner or the house in the distance. Dogs can not only track the smell of the owner, but also track the smell of themselves and other pets.
    Why can't dogs go home?
    The reason why many dogs will not go home in the end are that the smell also has a shelf life. Many factors, such as the weather conditions, will affect the duration of the smell. The temperature and humidity in the air often affect the strength of the smell and the speed they disappear. When it is cool, humid, windless and covered with vegetation, the smell can last three to four weeks. This is the best environment for dogs to track the smell. But the weather in this city does not need to be so ideal, and the smell rarely lasts more than four days.

    If heavy rain, the smell will last longer, and it is easier for dogs to find the way home. But if the weather is too cold, the water in the air will condense, making it difficult for the dog to smell the smell it wants. Therefore, the dog's sense of smell is limited at the temperature below zero.

  2. No matter how strong the smell is, but the smell does not keep it, and it can only be smelled in a certain area. It is indeed impossible to find a certain area.

  3. It is because some smells will spread very quickly in the air, and soon there is no taste, so it will cause the dog to smell the owner's smell.

  4. First of all, although the dog's sense of smell is very strong, different individuals and different types have different differences. Some dogs have a strong sense of smell than humans, but they do not mean that they can find the way home with the sense of smell.

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