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  1. Feeding dogs eat food:
    1. Carrots are very common foods. Its rich in vitamin A has antioxidant effects, can also promote digestion, and it is also good for teeth health. It is recommended to mix with dog food after cooking, and do not too much, because more can cause vitamin A poisoning.
    2, pumpkin also has a good effect on maintaining the health of the dog's urinary tract, and is rich in dietary fiber, which can play a certain role in improving the dog's constipation or diarrhea. Feeding is recommended like carrots, chopped after cooking.
    3. The liver has always been delicious in the eyes of dogs. It contains protein and vitamins. The growth of dogs also needs to be supplemented in time. It is not recommended to feed too much. It ’s good to eat it occasionally. Like carrots, more can cause vitamin A poisoning and inhibit the absorption of vitamin D and cause calcium deficiency.
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  2. Here are some kinds of foods that can be eaten by dogs, and they are good for the dog's body. The owner can feed the dogs to the dogs. The dogs will not feel that they only eat dog food. Eat.

    1 Banana can promote the increase in beneficial bacteria in the dog's intestine. R n2 Egg yolk can be beautiful, it must be cooked.

    3 Chicken breasts high protein, easy to absorb.

    4 Apple reduces the incidence of cancer.

    5 broccoli is very high in nutrition.

    6 Carrots can have the effect of beauty, cooked in dog food.

    and above these foods can be eaten by dogs, but don't give it to it every day. Eat it once or twice a week. The dogs are still mainly dog ​​food. You can match some supplementary foods. Remember not to give it to give it. Dogs eat people's meals. The content of salt is too high. This will hurt the dog. Don't think it is pitiful, just give it a little. Kang accompanied the host.

  3. Do not give
    will cause severe calcium deficiency
    and convulsions
    long -term will cause the health of poisoning dogs. Feed baby formula milk powder
    to two months to feed baby rice noodles
    Intersection Otherwise, the stomach will not be able to stand
    . It is not easy to digest
    . The puppy is the same as the baby. R n When it is as the baby, it is the same reason to cry in the middle of the night. It is recommended to feed it before going to bed
    The formula milk powder
    It is still recommended to digest with mobile puppies for 5 months.
    , but you can't eat more salt
    , you can also use special puppies and dog food
    If the dog's stomach is not good
    so soaked with water and eat it for it. nThe nutrition of dog food now
    It eating dog food can meet the needs of dogs
    Do not feed people to eat
    n and things like ham sausage
    I have a friend who feeds the bone for the dog to eat
    that day I was stuck in my throat
    In order to avoid these situations
    still take less
    and the dog does not digest it when it is eaten
    The ham sausage salt is too high
    too much oil
    Don't give it more meat

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, cooked eggs. Cooked egg yolk is rich in vitamins and has very good protein. Generally speaking, it is okay to feed dogs to eat cooked egg yolk, but be sure to cook and feed them, because the yolk that is not cooked is the bacteria that exist in the existence of bacteria for humans. It's fatal because of these bacteria. Parasites are produced in the dog's ears and parasitic on their heads. And cooked egg yolk also contains trace elements and lecithin, so for dogs, it can help dogs hairdressing and increase hair. However, it must not be fed more. Generally speaking, it is enough to not reach two a week.

  5. The dog eats a lot, first of all, dog food. Secondly, what the owner eats can be given to him, just like people. If in the countryside, I eat the rest of the dogs. It ’s all soil dogs. The rural areas are so raised. Some conditions are good. They will buy dogs and other dogs for dogs. Pet dogs still eat dog food well, not smelly.

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