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  1. The epidemic prevention staff runs happier than dogs; pulling to the corner to do nucleic acids; the quality of this dog is higher than usual.
    The substances of the nucleic acid detection are the nucleic acid of the virus. Nucleic acid testing is a nucleic acid that finds the patient's respiratory specimen, blood or feces in the stool to determine whether it is infected with the new coronary virus. Therefore, once the detection is "positive" of nucleic acid, it can prove that there is a virus in the patient's body.
    1. Please do not eat within 2 hours before the test to avoid vomiting;
    2, it is best to sample in a separate and closed space to avoid external interference. After the sampling, you can open the window to ventilate; the whole process should not be polluted by hand or other items to sample the front end of the cotton swab, causing misjudgment.
    3. The person to be inspector must wear a mask to keep the interpersonal distance of more than 1 meter.
    4, when sampled, remove the mask and place it in the plastic bag and place it in the pocket.
    5, _ immediately wash your hands and disinfect your hands.

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