1 thought on “Did Limei dog food be exposed to poison food?”

  1. How about feeding dogs Limi Dog Food? The quality is good. Is it really natural food? Seeing the evaluation, I have eaten for a few more days. Every time I open the packaging bag, I feel very fragrant, and the dog can not wait to smell it. In the store, it is mainly cheaper, much cheaper than physical stores, and it smells good than many of the houses I bought before. The taste of the dogs had a heavy taste before, and the tear marks were quite serious. It is much better to find such a suitable dog food online. My dog ​​is lucky.

    has gone after six days of grain control. Dogs also adapt to this taste. The most obvious thing is that the tears are gone, and the hair is a lot of fat. The hair also looks smooth. In short, I bought several brands. Always eat Kay Ruisi. I hope that the boss business will be booming and the financial resources will be rolling. The more the dogs of other houses want to eat, the more they want to eat. I fed my dogs to Limei, and the dogs were sleeping fragrant, and it was normal to pull the stool. There were no tears. It felt great. Now that the amount of dog food has gradually become bigger and more likely, I am going to determine this baby. As long as the dog likes to eat, it can eat happily to play and sleep peacefully. I am also worrying about it.
    The content of this article comes from: China Agricultural Publishing House "Animal Welfare and Meat Production"

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