What professional skills are good to go to Tianjin Technical School after graduating from junior high school?

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  1. What major you can learn is mainly to see what you like to recommend these majors
    1. E -commerce majors
    With the continuous development of Internet technology and a large number of commercial applications, 95%of traditional enterprises have transformed to The Internet, the ecological environment of the e -commerce industry is becoming more and more abundant. New retail, new media, community e -commerce, cross -border e -commerce, live e -commerce, rural e -commerce, artificial intelligence, modern logistics and other different e -commerce forms , Need a lot of talents. The importance of Internet operations in enterprises is getting higher and higher. Talent demand in the current direction of new media, live e -commerce, community e -commerce, content e -commerce, animation design and production is much higher than the current talent reserves. The treatment is also much higher than traditional e -commerce.
    2. Design major
    With the gradual expansion of the technical field, the era when the user experience supremacy has arrived, the human awareness of product production is increasing, and digital media creative designers have also become a very tight in the talent market. Profession. Enterprises that need to recruit this type of talent are not limited to mobile Internet companies, and more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to investment in interactive design and user testing, such as financial, transportation, retail and other industries that need this type of design talent.
    3. Anime major
    The Chinese 4D game animation industry has continued to develop. The gap has reached 1 million people. With the continuous expansion of users in the future, the 4D gaming animation industry needs a large number of professional talents, and the positions naturally emerge. With the increase of domestic movies and TV special effects in recent years, the film and television animation industry has continued to flourish. World -renowned animation companies, such as Disney and Dream Factory, have come to domestic founding branches. Original projects and outsourcing projects are overwhelmed. The global animation industry output value is as high as more than 500 billion US dollars, and the market potential is unlimited. The government invested huge sums of money every year to support the establishment of the animation industry base. There are about 1,2500 pure animation cartoon enterprises (including studios) across the country, and the talent gap exceeds 800,000 people
    4. Preschool teacher professions
    The rapid development of the cause has increased sharply on the demand for children and managers of children and managers, and graduates of childhood teachers are in short supply. Although some colleges and universities across the country have added preschool education in recent years to cultivate children's teachers, they still cannot meet the needs of the entire society. Preschool education has developed rapidly, and the demand for children's teachers has increased! This major not only cultivates professional early childhood education workers with good professional ethics, master professional knowledge and professional skills, but also pays attention to cultivating smart ecological society with artificial intelligence thinking and innovative thinking in the current intelligent ecological society. By.
    5. Airport professional
    At present, my country has become the world's largest transportation market. The overall market size exceeds 30 billion euros, accounting for more than 17%of the global market. The transportation industry is still in the stage of rapid development, and the demand for transportation management talents is very large. Moreover, traditional transportation management methods and concepts can no longer fully meet the current travel needs, and make full use of cutting -edge technologies such as Internet , big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to build smart transportation to become a new demand for the development of the times.

  2. It is recommended to select a school for inspection and comparison from the following aspects, 1 school qualification, and a school license for approved by the government department. 2 Whether teaching equipment is complete and really used for training. 3 Campus management, whether the safety management of campus door guards is strict, students are civilized and polite, and campus environmental hygiene. 4 teachers, examine the number of teachers, levels of education, practical experience, and teaching level. 5 Teaching process, observe the order of class, students are listening to the state, whether the students are operating, and whether the operation process is standardized. 6 Employment resettlement, employment cooperation unit, employment salary and other employment services. 7 Life facilities, how the dormitory is hygienic, whether it has hot water and air conditioning, what is the price of the cafeteria, and how the dishes are. Just say so much, professionalism to achieve dreams, technology helps you succeed! Hope to adopt, thank you!

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