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  1. The contract is an agreement set up, changes, and terminate civil legal relations between civil subjects. The contract established in accordance with the law is protected by law. The following is a regular labor contract template I have compiled for everyone. For reference only, more regular labor contract models click "Labor Contract" to view. rn rn 正规的劳动合同范本1 rn 甲方(企业)全称:__________________________________法定代表人:_______________________rn 乙方(职工)姓名:__________________________________rn 居民身份证号码:__________________________________rn 鉴于甲方的需要,需聘请乙方从事劳务,根据《中华人民共和国合同法》和有关规定,甲乙双方经平等协商一致,自愿签订本劳务合同,以资共同遵守。
    Themissions of this agreement is _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ,tedings for _____.
    This protocols in ___________ year ___________ month ___________ day to ___________ year ____________________
    The labor content and requirements undertaken by Party B are: ___________________________________.
    The method of labor provided by Party B is: _________________________________.
    The Party B believes that according to the current health status of the party, Party A can provide labor content, requirements, and methods according to Article 2 and 3 of this agreement. Labor.
    The party B has the obligation to conservative Party A's business secrets.
    The standard, method, time of Party A paying Party B's labor remuneration compensation for Party B, every month _____________, and the month of _______________ Labor remuneration is _________ yuan for Party B's attendance to Party B in accordance with Party A's attendance.
    The party B pays personal income tax in accordance with the law, and Party A shall be deducted according to law.
    The one of the following situations, the termination of this agreement:
    1. The expiration of the term of this agreement;
    . The two parties will consistent with the negotiation of this agreement;
    3. 3. Party B believes that the obligation of this agreement cannot be fulfilled due to health reasons.
    The part of the part 9 and A. If this agreement is unilaterally lifted, it only needs to notify another one in advance ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ weekly notification of another one.
    The Article 10. After the termination and termination of this agreement, Party B shall bring relevant labor results and labor progress in the week of ______________ Losses should be compensated. rn 第十一条、甲乙双方约定,甲方为乙方购买_____________万元 保险 金的意外伤害保险。 The beneficiary of the accident guarantee is Party A. When Party B's accidental liability that should be responsible for Party A should be responsible for this agreement, the compensation of the insurance company is first used to charge Party A's economic compensation liability. If Party B is unfortunately injured and Party A shall not bear the liability for economic compensation in accordance with the law, Party A will give the insurance company's compensation to Party B.
    The accident when Party B is fulfilled when Party B's obligation to fulfill this agreement involves other responsibilities. The right to recovery was transferred to Party A, handed over all the necessary documents, and assisted A in the direction of the responsibility party for recovery.
    The party A's medical expenses for not affording Party A. Party A does not pay labor expenses during the medical period.
    The Article 14 and Party B violated the agreement of this agreement and caused economic losses to Party A, and compensated Party A's direct economic loss.
    If in accordance with Article 9 and 10 of this agreement to terminate or terminate this agreement, the two parties do not pay each other without paying liquidated damages, and Party A will not compensate Party B's economic compensation.
    The Article 15 and A and B do not assume the obligations that this agreement has not explicitly explicitly explicitly, nor does it enjoy the right to explicitly explicitly.
    The Article 16. For any disputes caused by this agreement or any controversy related to this agreement, the two parties agreed to be under the jurisdiction of _____________.
    Themailing address of the two parties in Article 17 and the first part of this contract is a fixed mailing address connected by the parties. If the two parties have any disputes in the performance of this agreement, the address is a dual method fixed address. If one of them changes, the other party should be notified in writing immediately, otherwise, the two parties will be linked to the two parties, and one party with fault is responsible.
    The Article 18, this contract ______________. Both parts of A and B each hold _______________. rn 甲方(签章):____________________________乙方(签章):_______________________________rn 通讯地址:______________________________通讯地址:_________________________________rn 联系电话:______________________________联系电话:_________________________________rn __________________ year ___________ month ___________ day ____________________________ month ___________ day
    Legal representative: _________
    contact phone number: ________
    The name of Party B: ________
    ID card number: ________
    Party A ") Party B: (hereinafter referred to as" Party B ")
    I B and B Based on the principles of equal voluntary and voluntary` in accordance with the National Labor Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations. Establish a labor relationship and obey together.
    . The term of the labor contract
    Themissions of this contract from ________ Years ____ month ____ day to _______ year ____ month ____ day.
    . Work content
    The Party A arranges Party B to work. Party A has the right to adjust Party B's position and position according to the needs of the work. Fang Fang submitted an application for resignation, otherwise, Party A may hold Party B's responsibility.
    . Working time
    It Party A implements daily _______ hours, and weekly ________ days.
    The fourth due to production and operation needs, Party B will be arranged to work overtime, and Party A pays overtime wages or rest in accordance with regulations.
    . Labor remuneration
    The fifth Party A pays the salary of Party B in a full monthly basis and pays the monthly salary yuan per month.
    . Labor insurance
    Article 6 Both parties A and B shall pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the regulations of the state and local governments. Article 7 The treatment of Party B's illness, work injury, disability, and death shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the country.
    6. Labor protection and labor conditions
    Article 8 The labor protection and safety and health conditions of Party B shall be implemented in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and rules.
    . The discipline of labor
    Article 9 Party B shall abide by national laws, regulations and various rules and regulations and labor discipline formulated by Party A according to law; observe professional ethics, abide by security operation procedures; conservative Party A business secrets Essence
    8. If the labor contract is terminated or terminated
    It with one of the following circumstances, the labor contract is termination:
    . If the labor contract expires;
    , Party B, Party B Arrived at the legal retirement age;
    3. Party B died or was declared missing and dead by the people's court.
    . The liability for breach of contract
    Article 11 A party violates this contract and causes losses to the other party.第十二条甲乙双方其他约定:rn 1、_____________________rn 2、_____________________rn 十、劳动争议处理rn 第十三条双方因在履行本合同发生劳动争议, It can be resolved to resolve; if you do not want to negotiate or negotiate, you can apply for mediation to Party A's labor dispute mediation committee within 30 days from the date of labor disputes or apply to the local labor dispute arbitration committee for arbitration within 60 days from the date of the dispute. Essence
    11. Attachment
    The special agreement, labor contract change agreement, and Party A rules and regulations are used as attachments of this contract, which have the same effect as this contract.
    The issue of this contract is not exhausted and implemented in accordance with relevant regulations of the state and local people's governments.
    The part of the two parts of A and B each hold one, and has the same legal effect. The contract takes effect from the date of signing.
    Party A: (stamped) ______________________________
    Signing Date: _______ Year ____ month _______ year ____ month ____ day day day day day day day day day day day
    The regular labor contract template 3
    Party A (employer)
    Party B (worker)
    I B. When the law stipulates, Party A recruits Party B, and has reached a cost contract after negotiation, for both parties to follow the execution:
    The item is complete) ____:
    A. There is a fixed period of labor contract: ____ year ____ month ____ day to ____ month ____ day;
    B. There is no fixed period of labor contract, from ____ year ____ month ____.
    C. The work is to complete ____.
    2. This contract contains ____ month trial period (from ____ year ____ month ____ day to ____ month ____ month day)
    Article 2, work location: ____ province (autonomous region, municipality) ____ city (county) ____ road ____, ____,
    third, work content:
    Party A's ____ department (or post) holds ____, and Party B's specific work content shall be implemented in accordance with Party A's post responsibility requirements.
    2. If Party B is not enlisted in the job, Party A can adjust Party B's position and determine the salary of one party according to the adjusted position; Economic compensation shall be issued in accordance with national regulations.
    3. During the work, Party A has the right to recover from Party B due to serious faults or intentional loss of Party A.
    It 4, working hours and rest vacations:
    1. Working hours: Standard working hours, Party A guarantees that Party B does not work for more than 8 hours a day, and work does not exceed 40 hours a week. The specific working hours are arranged by Party A according to the needs of production and operation, and Party B shall obey.
    2. Rest vacation: Party A arranges Party B for a break in accordance with the regulations of the state.
    Fess 5, labor remuneration:
    1. Party B's monthly salary standard is RMB ____ yuan, of which the salary during the probation period is RMB ____ yuan; In accordance with the following standards: ____)
    2. Due to production and operation needs, Party A arranges Party B to extend the working time or work on a rest or legal holiday, and Party A shall issue overtime fees in accordance with the standards prescribed by the state.
    3. Party A guarantees that the salary will be paid monthly, and the specific payment date is ____.
    The social insurance:
    1. Party A shall handle various social insurance for Party B in accordance with the regulations of the state and pay social insurance premiums;
    . In terms of insurance premiums, Party A shall be deducted from Party B's salary, and Party B shall not have objections.
    The seventh, labor protection, labor conditions and occupational hazard protection: Party A provides Party B for tools and places necessary for labor, as well as other labor conditions; Take safety prevention measures to prevent occupational diseases.
    The Party A formulates and improves various rules and regulations in accordance with the law, and Party B shall strictly abide by.
    The party B should know that Party A's various commercial secrets, intellectual property rights, and corporate secrets should not be disclosed during the conservative work period. Otherwise, if Party A loses losses, it shall bear the liability for compensation.
    It Article 10 and Party B did not maintain a labor relationship with any other unit or signed a competitive restriction agreement with any other unit. Otherwise, if it causes losses to other units, Party B shall bear the responsibility alone and has nothing to do with Party A.
    This 11. Labor contract termination or termination:
    1. If Party B needs to terminate the labor contract, party A shall notify Party A in writing on the 30th in advance, and inform the written notice to the Party A _____ (Specific departments, duties) shall prevail;
    2. matters related to the termination or termination of labor contract shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law and other laws and regulations.
    3. When termination or termination of labor contracts, Party B shall hand over the responsible work matters and the property used by Party A to hand over the property designated by Party B. If Party B fails to handle the loss of Party A, Party B will compensate.
    4. Due to the termination or termination of labor contracts, Party B shall receive economic compensation according to law.
    The controversy in performing this contract, the two parties negotiate and deal with the principles of reasonable, legal, mutual understanding and mutual understanding; if negotiation cannot be achieved, any party may apply for arbitration to the labor dispute arbitration committee in accordance with the law.
    The matters that are not agreed in Article 13 and this contract shall be implemented in accordance with laws, regulations, administrative rules, and local regulations.
    The Article 14, this contract takes effect after the signing or seal of the two parties, one in one, and one of the two parties. The change of any terms of this contract shall be signed or confirmed by both parties in writing.
    Party A (seal)
    Party B (signature)
    Date: ____ year ____ month ____ day
    方(用人单位)名称:___________________________________________rn 法定代表人(主要负责人)或者委托代理人________________rn 注册地址___________________________________________________rn 联系电话_______________________________________________rn 乙方(劳动者)姓名:______________________________________________rn 居民身份证号___________________________________________rn 户口所在地_____省(市)____区(县_________乡镇___________村rn 邮政编码__________r n 现住址___________________________联系电话________________rn 根据《劳动法》、《劳动合同法》及有关规定,甲乙双方遵循平等自愿、协商一致的原则签订本合同。rn 一、 Contract period
    The first part of A and B selected the following form of ___ species to determine this contract period:
    (1) There is a fixed period: ____ Years __ Month __ _ _. Among them, the probation period is from ____ Years __ month __ to ____ Years __ monthly. : From ____ Years __ month __ from day to day to be lifted in accordance with the law, and the labor contract is terminated. Among them, the probation period is from ____ Years __ month __ -year __ month __ day, daypies 。rn (三)以完成一定工作(任务)为期限:自____年__月__日起至____________工作(任务)完成时终止。rn 二、工作内容和工作地点rn 第二条甲方招用乙方在_________________(项目名称)工程中,从事____________________________岗位(工种)工作。rn 乙方的工作地点为___________________________________。r N after the negotiation between the two parties, you can Change the job (type of work) and work location.
    I Party B shall conscientiously fulfill the duties of the post, comply with various rules and regulations, obey management, and complete work tasks on time.
    The party B violates labor discipline, and Party A can give corresponding treatment according to the rules and regulations formulated by the unit in accordance with the law.
    . Working hours and rest vacation
    It Party A arranges Party B to implement the following ____ species time system:
    (1) Implement standard working hours system. Party B does not work more than 8 hours a day, and does not work more than 40 hours a week. The weekly rest date is ___________.
    (2) Approved by the local labor administrative department and implementing a comprehensive computational working hours working system with ______ as a periodic.
    (3) Implementing an irregular work system with the approval of the local labor administrative department.
    Ne Party A guarantees that Party B rests at least one day a week. Party B has enjoyed a holiday, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Earthquakes, and the China Earthquake Administration in accordance with the law, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Earthquakes and the China Earthquake Administration.
    I due to the needs of construction and construction. After the consent of Party B, Party B can arrange Party B to work overtime. If the daily extension of working hours and rest days cannot be arranged for restrictions and working overtime on legal holidays, Party A shall pay overtime wages in accordance with Article 44 of the Labor Law.
    . Labor remuneration
    Article 4 Party A uses the following ____ species to pay Party B salary:
    (1) monthly salary ____ yuan, salary during the trial period _____ Yuan. Party A pays wages to Party B a few days ago.
    (2) Daily salary ____ yuan, wage ____ yuan during the trial period. The time of Party B pays the salary of Party B in the monthly ___ day.
    (3) Performance salary. The unit price is bound to be ______.
    I Party A's production and operation tasks are insufficient. If Party B agrees to wait for posts, the living expenses paid by Party B in the direction of Party A are ______ yuan. Party B still needs to fulfill other obligations except the job work.
    . Social insurance
    The fifth part of A and B participated in social insurance in accordance with national regulations. Party A handle social insurance procedures for Party B and assume corresponding social insurance obligations. Party B's social insurance premiums shall be paid by Party A.
    The medical treatment of Party B or non -injury is implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    The party Party B is implemented in accordance with relevant national regulations due to labor injuries or occupational diseases.
    The treatment during pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, etc., shall be implemented in accordance with the state's relevant national maternity insurance policy.
    If, labor protection and labor conditions
    Article 6 Party A shall conduct safety training before Party B's job. Go to the job.
    If Party A, in accordance with the needs of production positions, will provide Party B with the necessary safety protection facilities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national labor safety and hygiene, and distribute necessary labor protection supplies. Among them, the construction site should meet the "Environment and Sanitation Standards for the Construction Site" (JGJ146-2004). If Party B is engaged in the hazards of occupational diseases, Party A shall organize occupational health inspections before and when leaving the job in accordance with relevant national regulations, and shall conduct professional health inspections on Party B regularly during the contract period.
    Ne Party A establishes a safety production system in accordance with the law. Party B strictly abides by various rules and regulations formulated by Party A in accordance with the law, does not operate in violation of regulations, prevent accidents in the labor process, and reduce professional hazards.
    The Party B has the right to refuse Party A's violation command, ignore Party A and his management personnel to ignore Party B's safety and health, and have the right to criticize and report to the relevant departments.
    7. Lift and termination
    The) Article 7 The termination or termination of this labor contract shall be implemented in accordance with the Labor Contract Law.
    8. Labor dispute handling
    It part of the two parts of B and B can be resolved. It can also be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Law.
    9. Other
    The other items agreed by both parties A
    Article 10 Two in this labor contract, each of the two parts of A and B holds one.
    This contracts will take effect from the date of signing and stamping from both parties in A and B.
    Party A (official seal) Party B (stamping)
    The legal representative or entrusted agent
    (signature or stamp)
    Signing date: ______ year ___ month __
    The regular labor contract template 5
    The principle of the "Regulations on the People's Republic of China Contract Law" and the "Regulations on the Conferry Contract of Construction and Installation Engineering" and the principles of related laws and regulations follow the principles of equality, voluntary, fairness, and integrity, A B B After friendly negotiation between the two parties, the following agreements are reached on the construction of steel structure plant projects:
    . Project overview:
    The project is located in __, steel structure signature project cost is settled at 70 yuan per square meter (sealed by the front seal The area of ​​the board) increases some of the parties A and B to negotiate separately. (Note: This cost includes the production and installation and construction machinery, excluding all construction materials).
    . Responsibility for both parties:
    1. Party A provides coordinates and relevant information to Party B at the construction site. Party A provides water and power costs required by the project shall be paid by Party A.
    2. Party B organizes personnel for construction. Party A allows Party B to arrange personnel guarding tools and materials. Party B personnel shall strictly abide by Party A's rules and regulations and obey Party A's arrangements.
    3. Party B shall adhere to the principle of "safety first" and strictly adhere to relevant national operating procedures to achieve safety production and civilized construction. Party A has the right to put forward the requirements and supervision of safety construction.
    4. If Party A destroys the contract, Party B has the right to organize personnel to demolish all steel structures.
    . Engineering quality and construction period:
    1. Party B shall be constructed in accordance with Party A's scheme project. For Party B due to the regulation of operating specifications, the cost required for the rework shall be borne by Party B. Party B is not responsible for Party B due to force majeure factors and natural disasters. If it is the responsibility of Party B's construction, the quality is responsible for Party B. If it is a human factors, Party A shall pay Party B's repair fee and material fee.
    2. The construction period of Party B is from July 10, 2011 to August 5, 2011. For a total of 25 days, the project was handed over to Party A for acceptance.
    . Project funds payment method:
    three days after the project starts, Party A pays 2,000 yuan to Party B, and then pays 3,000 yuan to Party B. After the project is completed, the two parties are accepted. Party B is 90 % of the party payment project funds. After all the signboards were completed, Party A paid the remaining money to Party B at one time within 10 days.
    5. This contract is two copies. Both parties and B each hold one copy.
    Party A (official seal): ___________ Party B (official seal): __________
    The legal representative (signature): __________ legal representative (signature): __________ n _____________ month month ____ day __________ Years ____ month ____ day

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